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    February 21, 2022

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    Outfit7 Limited



My Talking Angela 2 is a casual mini game of simulation raising + fashion dress up. It brings a new casual simulation experience with a highly free custom makeup system, many fun family pastime games, and exciting outdoor exploration activities ....... Angela is waiting for you in her new city apartment, where you can go together to learn to dance in the dance studio, do karaoke in the singing room, go on trips to store in the stores, help her make her apartment more cozy and comfortable, and cook delicious food together. You can have fun conversations with her every day, become her best friend, learn about her inner world and start a fun life!

Beloved by players around the world, Angela is no longer the little baby that needs your full attention, she has grown into a cool friend who wants to share her daily insights with you intimately! In My Angela 2, Angela lives in a new apartment in the city, where you can play all kinds of mini-games to amuse yourself, dress up, or even travel around the world together!

More rich and diverse free dress up system, colorful outdoor exploration activities, but also provides some mini-games can play "fruit line" to "bubble shooter" you like to play mini-games here. Play is relatively free, you can do as you like. Come and explore this new life with your best friend Angela!

My Talking Angela 2 game in the picture quality has been improved, cute, realistic, cartoon game graphics. The images of the cats are all more realistic. The angles are all adjustable and there are no limitations.
If you want to feed a cute cat, then please don't miss My Talking Angela 2. Super cute, super adorable kittens are waiting for you in the game!

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How to Play

My Talking Angela 2" is a nurturing game, the game starts with the player getting four different little beauty cats, the player chooses one to feed and gives it an exclusive name to be more intimate, which will increase the goodwill between you and make it more dependent on you. Next players provide food, clothing and shelter to train Angela, because it is a cat-type girl, players need to train it to become a big star, whether Angela can grow taller, whether the appearance will change, these are the factors that players need to consider. But players can change its hair color, makeup, clothing styling according to their own vision, dress up as a fashionable urban beauty cat, a variety of styles of changing clothing styling by you to choose. You can choose from a variety of clothing styles, including ladylike, cute and mature, to create a different style of Angela.

In its growth process has many needs, when it is hungry or needs to sleep and bath, players have to meet it as much as possible. Otherwise it will appear aggrieved, unhappy and some other emotions in it. First of all, if you want to make Angela grow taller, you can feed it. Generally speaking, Angela will slowly grow taller at a very slow pace, those foods, including apples, pastries, fast food, and a variety of juices, drinks, milk, etc., can help Angela grow taller, these foods are available in the store.

From a kitten to a grown-up beautiful cat, it is necessary for you to take good care of her and accompany her. After becoming an adult cat, the appearance and height of these will be more mature, wearing evening dresses, these more mature clothing will look better, beautiful makeup is also a plus point is also more conducive to Angela quickly become a big star, this is also an important part of training Angela.



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