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    March 1, 2022

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    Century Games Pte. Ltd.



Do you want to have a world that belongs only to you? In this world, you can do anything you can not try in real life, a big adventure or a new journey, carefree life, without worrying about the pressure from anyone. Family Farm Adventure will provide you with this place that you can imagine.

This is a simulation game, not so much a simulation game, but a game in which you can relax and have fun.Family Farm Adventure creates a free and open farm world for players, where you can build a farm of your own, and having a large farm of your own may require many, many conditions in reality, but here, you just You just need to enjoy it. Explore the unknown islands with your cute dog and build a beautiful story in your own way in this simulation game. Start from the very beginning with sowing seeds and farming. Solve things and then expand a piece of land next to the house, plant vegetables, cultivate them carefully, pick them when they are ripe and make them into delicious food. Go and decorate your flower market to make it look more advanced. You are also free to upgrade every building in the game to improve the farm and make it look more beautiful. Explore tropical islands with your friends, discover mysterious treasures and bring them back to your own estate in exchange for various rewards and fond memories. Beautiful game graphics, vivid game sound, and free gameplay are waiting for you in Family Farm Adventure, so join this fantastic world now!

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How to Play

Management and construction gameplay is a lot of fun, beautiful scenes for you to explore, players will plant vegetable plots and build farms in the game, and run a real farm as well. Build a house of your own and look all so charming. When you start harvesting, you will be rewarded. When you reach a certain level, you can expand and upgrade your land area, you can also plant or raise more animals and plants. The islands of the cartoon world are waiting for you to build a small home in the primitive jungle, reclaim more farmland and go to plant all kinds of fresh plants. Gold coins can be used to buy buildings, and you can also use it to buy decorations to decorate various buildings. In addition to running a farm, you can also bring your pet dog and adventure in the wilderness together, looking for the exit of the forest, learning all the surrounding maps and completing challenging puzzles on your journey.Family Farm Adventure is free, but some items in the game can be purchased for money, which is not mandatory. The furniture in the rooms are made by yourself, collect materials to complete all the buildings, absolutely more charming than paradise, you can swim in the waterfalls every day, it is spring all year round; place business to improve food production, there are pets to feed, to experience a real island simulation life.
Players in the game as the protagonist will also complete a variety of commissions, is to help the residents of the island to solve problems. This is not a difficult task, but can reap more rewards and opportunities, and to do these things, often will consume the main character's stamina, when the stamina is too low, the main character will not be able to carry out activities, then you can rest (slow recovery) or buy (fast recovery) to restore the stamina value.



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