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    March 2, 2022

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Hello Neighbor is a horror survival game developed by Dynamic Pixels and run by tinyBuild.Hello neighbor this is a sneaky horror game, the game to spy on the neighbor's home as the theme, where you can feel a different puzzle hand game play, the whole game's subject matter content you just need to sneak into the neighbor's home to solve the puzzle even if you succeed, but can not be found, otherwise you will fail, the neighbor's artificial intelligence will hinder your actions and learn your movements. The whole game is based on a very detailed cartoon style, although it is a cartoon picture style, but has a unique horror atmosphere and atmosphere, as well as clear and realistic lighting rendering! The entire game is quite rich in content, a variety of exciting and interesting puzzles very brain-burning, diverse and challenging fun. The game's levels are very much.This game is not too difficult, mainly a battle of wits, in fact, is to prevent the neighbors from finding us by dodging, obstacles, traps, etc., while we can sneak into the house to open the entrance to the warehouse door, so as to win. The neighbor who looks gloomy and never goes out is really suspicious, what secrets is he hiding? Now just quietly hide your footsteps and go to his attic to find out!

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Hello Neighbor is a very interesting role-playing game, in which we have to try to enter the room of the neighbor, to find the key to open the door of the warehouse in the room, of course, during this period must not be found by the neighbors, otherwise you will be sent out of the house. Be sure to keep quiet and calm during the game, or be careful of neighbors quietly come behind you to sweep you out of the house.Players must quietly explore the game, skip the plot animation at the beginning of the game, there will be a button introduction, the bottom left corner is the rocker button to control the character movement, the bottom right corner is the jump and crouch button, click a jump up, long press can crouch. Our neighbor is a strange person, he is in the house or hair house around every day, but never go out shopping, so we should pay attention to observe when entering his room. You can first walk to the window to observe, if he is in the house, then we will go around a little to the back of the house, if he is not in the house, you can just open the door to enter. But the neighbor's perception is very sensitive, perhaps we are searching the room, he will also suddenly appear, will we drive out.Interact with different objects and pick up various small toys. Your neighbors will always be on guard and players will need to develop strategies to avoid them. Fortunately, there are various objects and interactive parts of the environment to help confuse and distract your neighbors. Then feel free to search your neighbor's house for secrets as you find clues and tools to solve the mysterious plot this eccentric neighbor is showing you. A very interesting horror, sneaking game that will give you a tense and exciting gaming experience.



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