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Township is a traditional casual farming and city building game developed by Playrix. Players need to carry out agricultural trade in this game, such as: building factories, developing planting, farming and a series of other ways to increase the income of the town. Build the town into what you dreamed it would be!
The ultimate goal of the game is to finally connect all the independent agricultural trade into a chain, bringing more and more value to the town and making it more prosperous.

The game style is mainly in 2D with beautiful fresh graphics. The game style is designed to be more cartoonish, whether in the shape of the characters or the architectural style of the houses, the cartoon style is reflected to the fullest. With the comfortable and pleasant background music, such as: realistic bird chirping, so that the player seems to be in a real nature.

In short, in this game, players do not need to have any input, as long as they have their own time can be online to take care of their own town, ready to build your town? Then let's start!

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Townshi combines elements of city building and city management because the player's goal in the game is not only to build up your city, but also to grow it and develop the industrial chain. If you want your town to prosper, then increasing the population is very crucial, and the most important thing in the game is gold, with which you can do many things, such as building houses. After entering the map of the town, the first thing that comes to your eyes is a large area of green, trying to simulate the real countryside environment, and the buildings are more cartoonish, so it is still relatively stress-free and visually comfortable. And witness the town gradually prosper, is also the most sense of achievement for many players, dream town can be a lot of operations, such as planting a variety of crops, can also develop farming, cute animals will bring different income, and a variety of stores waiting to be unlocked, these settings and the real-life town is very close. Interactive operation You can share with your real-life friends through various channels and invite them to experience it together, in addition to making new friends on the town platform, chatting with each other, visiting each other, etc. This is a management game, so players have to keep upgrading and making money to enjoy more gameplay, such as building new factories and stores, gradually building large facilities, etc., to feel the fun of being the mayor of the town.
In the game, in addition to the most basic house construction, players need to build some buildings that have a driving effect on the whole town, such as: community buildings and factories, etc. In the case of community buildings, if players build it well, they can attract more residents. Factories can be used to process crops, for example, players planted rice, farmed cows, etc., then players can use the factory to process the milk produced by cows into milk, etc.. Do you have the confidence to do better?



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