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Do you want to create a perfect world of your own? Do you want to build a city with your own hands? Do you want to design a castle? If you have such an idea, then you can make it happen in Minecraft! Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios that combines creation and adventure. In this free-to-play game, players can interact with cubes in the 3D world and build their own little worlds through these cubes.
Minecraft's game graphics are very simple pixel style, and while the visuals are not as good as other games, what is more important is the playability of the game. The game provides players with a variety of game modes: survival mode, creation mode, adventure mode, watch mode, extreme mode, in which you can choose your favorite mode to start the adventure, but also in which you can build their own paradise!
In this game, you can choose to play by yourself, or you can play with your friends or people you don't know.
There are no limits, no constraints, all you need to do is to use your imagination and build buildings on the open map. A fortress or a castle? A maze or a city in the sky? A railroad track or a river? Everything will be defined by you. Maybe you can even build a farm and raise some of your favorite animals like cows and sheep in the game, and you will enjoy the casual gameplay.
This is an open game for everyone and will be able to stimulate the imagination of children and exercise their minds. It also allows adults to build the world of their dreams here. Explore this infinite world with your friends now! Use your design talent in Minecraft and just build the simplest house to get started!

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How to Play

Minecraft is an open-ended sandbox game with very free gameplay, in which players need to stack and arrange various resource cubes to make them build a variety of buildings. Of course, this is not a requirement of the game. Players can explore the map at will, collect resources and use their imagination to build all imaginary objects. In addition to free building, Minecraft also provides players with a variety of game modes, survival mode, adventure mode, extreme mode, multiplayer mode and so on. The gameplay varies in different modes.
In survival mode, the player has a life value setting, in the case of attack, hunger, fall, drowning, etc., the life value will be reduced to the life value is exhausted, which means the end of the game. In addition to life value, there is hunger value, players need to eat in the game to maintain hunger value. Players have to collect various resources in survival mode and build houses to use as shelters. Because in this mode, monsters will appear in the night, if the player can not hide up will be attacked. (In this mode, players can choose from 3 difficulty levels)
In adventure mode, players will embark on an adventure in a custom map and gain the items and experience they need along the way.
In single player, players can build what they imagine through their own creation. The multiplayer mode is based on the single player mode where players invite their friends to create an imaginary world together on a 3D continent. In multiplayer mode, players can divide the work, for example, some players collect one material and other players collect other materials, so that they can quickly collect materials and quickly build the world in the player's mind. This way, you can quickly collect materials and build the world you want. At the same time, both modes have battles with hostile creatures, in the single player mode inside their own single combat, while in the multiplayer mode players and game friends together to defend against foreign enemies and defend their homes.



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