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    March 2, 2022

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    Chill Fleet GmbH



Are you still worried about the trivial things in life, there is no place to vent to your heart's content? Come and play "Kick the Buddy" is a casual stress relief game, this game can be the perfect stress relief, release all the emotions of discontent, fun simulation game using a very spoof color image design, the main character is a hilarious puppet, its facial expression is very funny look very beaten. You can feel free to beat the puppet in the game to give vent to all your discontent. The background music is also very beautiful, and the sound after the blow can make you laugh.

Kick the Buddy" game has a lot of fun and interesting modes to challenge, so you can easily get a good mood. Players in the level can use a variety of magical weapons and equipment, to enjoy beating puppets. No need for any skills, simple and brutal gameplay, does not sound very enjoyable?

With the social progress of the times, the pace of life accelerates, work and life on people's pressure is also increasing, the accumulation of this negative energy on people's physical and mental health will have a serious impact, stress reduction and relaxation has become an essential part of life. Among the many ways to reduce stress and vent, the most convenient and effective way is to pour out strong negative emotions in life into the virtual world. Of course, there are also relatively calm games that can quickly divert your attention and bring you a different sensory experience while relaxing. All kinds of people with different psychological stress, whether you are from the stress in the work, psychological stress can get a good form of adjustment here.

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How to Play

In short, you can vent your discontent and displeasure on this puppet, you just need to click, drag and drop, etc., you can "beat" this puppet man, the more fierce you hit, the higher the score, there are super gold, experience value gift and also can unlock new hitting tools.
Game props introduction.
1, a gun, players click on the screen will appear a dotted line, use the dotted line to aim at the puppet to shoot. But the puppet is not fixed it will run in the opposite direction to our shooting, although the gun damage is very high but also need skills, newcomers are not recommended to use the gun.
2, mushroom nail rake, mushroom-shaped nail rake surrounded by a lot of toxic nails, players holding a nail rake can be attacked, very decompression.
3, poison pot, throw out to release poison gas to puppets, puppets will produce special effects on poison gas.
4, skeleton bomb, is a bomb, will produce an explosion on the puppet. But there is a disadvantage not very well aimed at the target.
5, grasping hands, after grabbing the puppet is a ravaging can treat it as you wish. This skill requires a cooldown recovery.
6, nail rake, there are two damage effects, one is to drag the puppet to the nail rake, you can stab it, the second is to rotate the nail rake, you can shoot nails. This prop is very good, recommended to use more oh.
In the process of playing must play imagination, play a new pattern, in order to successfully obtain the upgrade rewards. The most interesting part of this game is the props in the game.
Game highlights.

Master the characteristics of the props, different scores to give you a new combat experience!

Different levels have different conditions, play your wisdom to break through the challenge!

A variety of magical props can be dressed up puppeteers into a variety of different forms, enjoy playing!



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