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    December 16, 2021

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    Innersloth LLC



Do you like games with challenging toys? Are you interested in adventure puzzle games? If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you've met it! Among Us is a multiplayer puzzle video game developed by Innersloth LLC. Among Us is also a very powerful adventure puzzle game. Although it's not on the level that a Baker Street detective can play, it definitely allows you to experience a great deductive adventure.
In Among Us you will meet there are many players, but there are these players among the bad guys there is an undercover agent, you need to do is, without revealing their identity at the same time, the use of various props and game settings, through a little reasoning to solve the puzzle, in Among Us there is an undercover agent, find out this undercover agent. In Among Us, players will be inside a new story while destroying and reasoning to complete their respective tasks, very challenging! Each person in the game has a different identity.  
Everyone's identity is different, each player has his own companion, find him as soon as possible and remember to use the various settings in the ship to defeat your opponents and become the last surviving team to win. As well as never reveal your identity, that will put you in a very dangerous situation and players from other teams will kill you.
Players will experience a unique game play with different identities in different camps to adventure and solve puzzles and experience different game fun. The game presents a 3D screen for players, making the whole scene more graphic and the screen is very smooth and not laggy.
In this game, players need to constantly think and find out the undercover agent, if you want to play a game of brain power, then Among Us please do not miss, come to feel the fun brought to you by brain games!

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How to Play

When a player enters the game, he or she is given a random identity, but that identity may be good or bad. This means that the game is divided into two camps: the crew and the insiders, with the insiders usually being 1 to 3 people and the rest being the crew. The crew wins by voting out all insiders or by completing the mission bar. The insiders win by destroying the ship or killing all crew members. If you are a crew member, then you have to open the map in the upper right corner, check the mission points and complete the tasks you want to complete. The tasks are different for each point, they are all relatively simple and you can provide exchange information, play more and basically figure out the requirements of each mission point. Look at the screens in the management room as well as the monitoring room more often when you are on a mission. The management room allows you to check the number of people in each room and speculate if anyone may have died. If a crew member dies in any room, then it can be inferred who just entered or left that room. If you are afraid of being killed by an insider, you can stay under surveillance more often or stay with the larger group, keeping some distance is best.
In this game, if you are an undercover agent, it is very important that you hide your identity so that the other players mistake you for the good guys and let them eliminate the players belonging to their team, only then you will be able to get more victories. All in all you need to learn the right information in each one of the debates and then provide clues around the right information.
When the player completes the corresponding tasks given by the system, the ship can take off successfully.
In the game players can also do real-time voice, which can be more accurate to get the right clues. In short, there are different characters in this game, each with a different task to accomplish!



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