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    Android IOS

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    February 20, 2022

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    RobTop Games AB



Geometry Dash is a very interesting casual puzzle game. It is a parkour game developed by Robert Topala. The game has a classic pixel graphics style and an exciting gameplay. It is a game that tests your reflexes as you jump and dash through the geometric world, avoiding dangerous traps and obstacles. The color of some items in the game changes according to the color of the character's icon, and even some background colors change according to the character. The level starts with an obvious arrangement of obstacles, but as the difficulty increases, some of the organs are scattered among the decorations, lights, spins and even hidden obstacles. As you operate this extremely simple game, an extremely difficult challenge emerges!
The gameplay is very simple, the player just needs to tap the touch screen and the game can be played for a long time on the player at the beginning, because it will be addictive. The game's soundtrack is also a great feature throughout the game, it will give players a sense of rhythm to the game, with the music dynamic, I believe the chances of passing the game will become higher, because it makes you excited.
The game graphics are mainly in pixel style, even so, the pattern and screen are very delicate and delicate, the operation is smooth and not lag. The game scenes are also varied, which can relieve players' visual fatigue to a certain extent.
Geometry Dash is a fun and interesting parkour type game, players need to keep breaking through the game, over a variety of obstacles, if you are very interested in this type of game, or want to try, then hurry to join! It will definitely let you get into it quickly.

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How to Play

Geometry Dash provides players with 21 levels, which may not seem like a lot, but are still challenging. The most distinctive feature of the game is that each level has a different background music, coupled with the changing game scenes, it is difficult for players not to like, more importantly, players no longer need to successfully pass the previous level before they can enter the next level, but players can freely choose, but the difficulty of each level is different. The player's goal in the game is to help the little cube avoid various organs by tapping the screen, the game when you jump up, you have to be ready for the little cube to jump over the obstacles, to maximize your skills, flying and rolling in dangerous passages and sharp obstacles, too early or too late to avoid obstacles will expose you to the danger of hitting the wall, so find the right time to jump down. Before approaching the obstacle, let the small square jump for a second so that you can dodge the obstacle well. Go all the way down until you reach the end! Each level of the game consists of two scenes in turn, one is a running scene, jump by touching the screen, and the other is a flying scene, click the screen continuously to make the blimp into a cube height, in which the player needs to control the height of the blimp to dodge according to the ups and downs of the terrain. Stick to a certain distance, the player will re-enter the need to jump running scene, two scenes will alternate, the player can reach the end after passing a total of four scenes.
If you are a little dissatisfied with the levels in the game, no matter, players can also edit a unique level in the game according to their favorite style, interested players can try, maybe you edit the level other players will like more!



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