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    Android IOS

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    February 21, 2022

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    Afterverse Games



Want to participate in a high level of social freedom? PK XD - Play with your Friends is an exploratory puzzle game developed by Afterverse Games that will stimulate players' rich imagination and creativity. Players have a lot of freedom in the game, such as the ability to challenge themselves through the game, as well as acquire items to decorate their homes. You can also get pets and upgrade from normal pets to rare pets. Cats, dogs, raccoons, hippos ...... , these cute animals will be by your side as little companions, but you are responsible for taking care of them. Inside the game players can create their own beautiful paradise, make and meet friends, and adventure exploration. You can eat ice cream, sing and dance, and explore with friends in the game. You can also become many characters, unicorns, witches, zombies, and even dragons. Use your imagination to create everything in your world, you can do anything you want in your world, break some principles your world is up to you.
Game features.
① The game belongs to an open world, players can explore freely in the game and interact with friends
② Players can experience the fun of the game for free, and the in-app purchase price is very reasonable
③ The playability of the game is very high, in addition to exploring the world, players can also accept some challenge mini-games to get different game fun
The game provides players with a beautiful 3D graphics, bringing players a kind of infinite possibilities!
In short, players can create characters in the game at will, they can change them with cute decorations or weird decorations, it depends on the mood of the player, you can do whatever you want, there is nothing to restrain you, because this whole world belongs to you. Come and try it out if you are interested! Start by creating a character!

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How to Play

PK XD - Play with your Friends game play is very simple, first of all, the player needs to use his imagination to create a character of his own, the character's avatar, clothing and name, etc. Anything you want can be combined out, because the game will have some items for the player to use. For example: clothing, and it has a lot of kinds, of course, not all are free for players, if there are some items that players like very much, but can not use free, you need to complete the game's tasks and then get the opportunity to unlock the items.
Players can also raise a pet of their own, you may not be able to achieve in real life, but in this you can just choose, can be cats, dogs, raccoons, hippos and so on, common animals, uncommon animals, you can adopt them as your pets, you need to take good care of it, to help it grow quickly and healthily. Players can also play some mini-games to challenge themselves, when you succeed in the challenge, you will get some furniture, and you can use them to decorate your home, perhaps you will also get some items, such as: wallpaper, fluffy carpets, tables and chairs, kitchen and bathroom supplies, players can use them to achieve your dream home step by step. Many tasks can be completed while playing the game. You can also and invite friends to play along and complete the challenges together so you won't be alone. You can also play in other players' homes and visit their houses, chat with them, join parties and more, just like in real life.
PK XD always has some new adventures and each season has its corresponding tasks and mini-games, invite your buddies and let's finish it together! What are you waiting for? Come on, join in!



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