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Do you want to have a farm of your own? Grow your own farm, feed some cute animals, enjoy the idyllic scenery, make your farm come alive and enjoy the joyful feeling of harvest! Farm Heroes Saga is a casual game developed by the British online game company King and released on March 7, 2013. Farm Heroes Saga is a casual game developed by the British online game company King and released on March 2013. Farm Heroes Saga will be full of fun in which planting crofters will harvest the fruits borne with its classic three-drop gameplay. The exciting plot throughout the game brings a new elimination experience for players!

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The dreaded raccoon will destroy your farm and steal your hard-earned crops, but don't worry, you will team up with the other heroes of the farm to protect your farm. Collect crops and protect the farm in all levels. Farm Heroes Saga offers players a wealth of triple elimination levels, each with a different task to collect the required number of crops, ripe strawberries, carrots, apples and onions are waiting in the land for you to harvest. Very challenging. Match, switch and eliminate to solve hundreds of troublesome levels and let's explore the farm adventure together!

Farm Hero Saga has lots of fun and interesting levels to challenge, but as the levels get deeper and deeper, difficulties will follow. Don't give up when you get confused, there are various props to help you get through the levels, and there are a limited number of them, so use them when it matters most! You can invite your friends to join you in this triple elimination adventure and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard!

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How to Play

Farm Hero Saga" adopts the classic triple elimination gameplay, players will have five life force at the beginning of the game, each level will eliminate one life force, when the life force is "0" you can send a request to your friend for a life force, and you will get one life every 30 minutes. Players need to match 3 or more identical crops and combine them together to eliminate them, and exchange their positions by clicking on two adjacent crops up, down, left and right to meet the number of 3 or more identical crops in horizontal and vertical rows. The secret to getting a high score is; try to complete 4 or more identical crops within the required number of steps, as well as multiple identical crop combos, which can be rewarded with quite a few extra props.

When the number of matching crops reaches 4 or more, a special prop will be created and the crops will disappear. The special prop will help players eliminate more crops at once, so matching as many identical crops as possible in the game will help you win faster.

The game uses a level system where players need to complete the previous level in order to successfully unlock the next level. The difficulty of the game increases with each level, and each level has certain tasks to complete, and the player can only pass if they complete the tasks in a limited number of steps. Levels will gradually present obstacles that the player has never encountered before.

The crops in Farm Heroes Saga are cute, the graphics are fresh and comfortable, the background music is fun, and the game is easy to play and takes three minutes to get started, making it suitable for players of all ages!



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