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    Jul 7, 2022

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    Rollic Games



Fill The Fridge is a casual puzzle game in the style of painting, a messy fridge waiting for you to sort out, put different things into different categories into the fridge, test the player's ability to organize and summarize, a large number of game levels, the difficulty is also escalating, very challenging, see the organized fridge, is a great sense of achievement!
The game is not difficult, as its name suggests, just fill up the fridge, but the fridge space is limited, how to put all the items in, this is a tricky problem, can you succeed in the challenge?
There are so many items waiting to be unlocked and put into the fridge, including fruit, snacks, drinks and other items. Put them into different width and height boxes according to their shape and size, then put them into the fridge to make it tidy. It looks very simple, but it's still a challenge to achieve three stars to pass the game.
Fill The Fridge game features.
1, the game is very playable and interesting, put all the items neatly, and then put them into the right corner of the refrigerator.
2, the game also brings the player a large number of levels, with different difficulties and challenges, you can freely break through the levels.
3、Play every day, you can also learn the real-life fridge organising skills, very practical.
4、Experience a variety of play content, different ways to play will bring players different fun.
The whole game is very easy to play, so players can easily play and have more fun. If you are interested in Fill The Fridge and want to feel its charming features, then don't hesitate to join in!

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How to Play

The first thing you'll do in Fill The Fridge when you get home from a big purchase is restock and shop to organise your fridge! The game is easy to master, just tap the screen and you're ready to play. It's a great test of strategy and hands-on skills to get more stuff into the limited space in the fridge! Once you have completed each level, you will be able to unlock new levels to challenge yourself.
Each level of the game requires different items to be placed in the fridge by organising and storing them, as there are so many items and space is limited, untidy placement may result in not being able to fill the fridge to the brim. There are many different shapes and sizes of items in the game, so choose the right place to put them, not too small to fit in or too big to waste a lot of space.
There is no time limit on Fill The Fridge, so there is no need to rush to start placing. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the items in your basket and look at the shapes of the items. Some are long and thin, others are tall and see where the best place to put them is. If you accidentally place them in the wrong place, it's okay you can click to use the undo button to reposition them.
All in all, the game has many different modes of play, each level is very different from the last, the gameplay is more exciting and the difficulty and difficulties you face are different, find a way to fill up the fridge here and see how far you can go in the game.



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