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    January 26, 2022

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    Tripledot Studios Limited



Do you like puzzle games? Do you like to find answers in brain-burning puzzles? If your answer is yes, let's get into Woodoku and solve the challenging Sudoku game together! The game also offers
Woodoku offers players a variety of brain-bending puzzles to challenge their minds. Place the blocks in the right place and fill up a whole row or column to trigger the elimination. Eliminate as many blocks as possible and you will earn a higher score.
Do you want to test the age of your brain, Woodoku will help you to complete the test. When you get a higher score in the level, it means that your brain is very active and can complete the challenge in a short time. At the same time, it means your brain is young enough because it is constantly thinking. Use your brilliant mind to complete the game and win rewards in a challenging Sudoku game!
This is a game that has no time limit and you can play it anywhere. On top of that, the game has high quality graphics and sound effects that will provide you with a relaxing gaming experience and keep you in a happy mood while playing.Woodoku is an easy to learn but very challenging puzzle game in which you can keep pushing your limits and exercise your brain health.
Game features.
Exquisite game graphics and quality game music.
Challenging game tasks.
Rich reward mechanism.
Offline playable, anytime, anywhere.
Woodoku is a game for everyone, especially for players who love puzzle games, you can use it on Android or IOS platform!

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How to Play

Woodoku is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game. In the game, players need to place squares connected into various shapes in a 9×9 square, and each time a square is placed, the next square will appear on the screen. Players simply drag and drop to place the squares anywhere. There are requirements for arranging the squares, each square that the player drags and drops must fill the grid, fill a row, a column, or a large square. When the squares placed by the player meet the conditions, the squares in the screen will disappear. After the squares disappear, the system will accumulate a score for the player, and each elimination will get the corresponding score. Of course, not every stack can be arranged into a row, column or a large square, sometimes the player must face some vacancies, and these vacancies do not have the right shape of squares to fill, when the irregular squares fill the whole screen, can no longer place any of the squares, the player will face the failure of the game. Therefore, players need to think carefully about each placement in the game, and only by eliminating more squares, players will have the chance to get a higher score.
When the player eliminates squares in a row in the game, he will also get the combo score. For each completed challenge, the player will be rewarded with a corresponding level pass. As the game continues, the levels get deeper, which means players will encounter greater challenges and the game will become increasingly difficult. It is for this reason that Woodoku is more playable. Eliminate again and again to push your limits and set your highest score, and you will get a great sense of accomplishment from it. You can use this game anywhere, even offline, and have fun with it easily.



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