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    February 13, 2022

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    Supersonic Studios LTD



Do you like to have fun in casual games? Or maybe you want to test your puzzle in casual games, now enter Stacky dash game together to focus on fun casual games. With unique casual content plus a new casual experience to bring you unique fun and enjoy a different challenge, each level requires thinking before acting. The classic and cute character shape, bright world scene, casual and puzzle combined gameplay, and smooth game experience make the player's mood more relaxed and happy.

This Stacky Dash is similar to the stacking game, only need to stack to the more blocks the better, it is equivalent to the meaning of building a bridge to pave the way, and the background of each level in the game is different, finished up the mood is not the same experience, with a small fresh style to let players relax, in the process of playing the test of the player's IQ.
If you have in life, work can not release the pressure, then you can also play this game to bring you a relaxing experience, so casual games will also bring you a different kind of fun, and this game will not let you feel a sense of frustration.
The game requires the player to control the character to collect more blocks to complete the task, incorporating certain puzzle elements. Slide your finger and let the character break through the maze, pile up the blocks higher and higher and go straight to the sky. Well, test your logic skills in dozens of levels and see if you can get through them successfully. Take part in a new fun casual game, collect cubes for your little man, stack them to ensure the height and pass the level. Rich challenge and interesting content to bring you a better experience, enjoy the new casual game fun, better relaxation.

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How to Play

Although the gameplay of Stacky Dash is simple, but the difficulty will increase through your gradual clearance difficulty. The beginning of the game will first prompt you the game play, like you walk through the place will collect some road blocks, but, you must collect these blocks to finish you can pass, if you walk through the place without blocks, then you need the blocks you collected at the beginning to pave, so you control the character will continue to move forward until the end, so if you want to move to a designated place, you must consider clear, because you are no way to return the original way.

When you move to the top of a brick, your character will pick up the cube and add it to the pile of bricks under your feet. The more cube places you pass through will show the mountain of bricks you're stepping on, and then you need to pave your way forward. The approach to the game lies in the challenge of collecting enough bricks so that you can create a path to the finish line. To the end of the time you need to open a treasure chest in order to break through successfully, if you do not have enough blocks to use, or can not pave a road to the end, then you will fail to break through. So the props of this game is the square under the feet, this is the essential props to pass this game, this prop is indispensable.

If you do not have enough blocks to pave the way, Stacky Dash provides the option to return, but you must make sure to return through a safe area, otherwise, you can not move forward. Each time you move to a place where there are no squares, it will automatically reduce one square. So avoid using the cubes you collect in unnecessary places.



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