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    February 22, 2022

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Don't you know Fishdom yet? Fishdom is a free casual puzzle elimination game developed by Playrix, in which players will unlock a large number of different small fish and constantly perform various elimination levels. The game requires you to help the little goldfish get out of danger, search and discover various treasures in the vast ocean and explore the deep sea. Use the unique features to decorate your aquarium and create a comfortable and cozy living environment for the cute little fish. You can feed the fish, play with them and watch them play. The unique ocean theme takes you to explore the thrilling underwater world and the magical and beautiful sea creatures bring you a visual feast; you can create your favorite underwater world and also enjoy the fun of game elimination.
Game features.
① The gameplay is unique and diverse, players can feed the little fishes, play with them, eliminate, dress up and so on, the playability is very high
② The game provides players with more than one hundred interesting levels
③ The game has beautiful graphics, close to the real, so that players can be immersed in this underwater world
④ Players can invite their friends to swim together in this underwater world
The game graphics are designed with great texture, as if the player is really in this beautiful underwater world, there are all kinds of cute fish and other creatures in the game. Fishdom adds a novel element to the classic elimination game: aquarium, so that players can not only experience the fun of elimination but also the fun of feeding small fish. Players who like to play elimination games must come to try, it will bring you a new sense of game experience!

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How to Play

The game is no different from the classic elimination gameplay, except that the elimination element of the game has changed and players need to eliminate these cute aquatic animals by matching and swapping positions. The difference between it and other elimination games is that other elimination games perhaps combine elimination plus decoration, building, in this game players also need to earn more coins while decorating your aquarium and solving various types of puzzles.
Come and enjoy this fun adventure where you need to show your ability to find the right answer before time runs out. In the elimination level, the requirement to pass the level is to clear the background color blocks. As the game progresses, blocked chains, elimination bombs and other elements will gradually increase. The remaining time can also be converted into monetary rewards. You can enjoy the elimination game while raising and taking care of these cute little fish. Although there are many different types of small fish boys in the game, but of course when the player first enters the game, which all need to be purchased by the player, the player can enter the store, at first is only to buy clown fish, it will cost you 800 gold coins, click to buy it. If the player wants to buy other different types of fish, you must complete the corresponding levels, such as will allow players to complete 5 or more levels to be able to unlock, etc.. Although players can decorate your aquarium at will, but these decorations require a certain amount of gold to buy. So players need to eliminate levels to get gold. The easiest way is to connect three blocks together to eliminate them, then you can also connect four or more blocks together to see what amazing things will happen? It will form a very powerful prop, such as the formation of a firecracker, the player can slide it with a neighboring random block, it will form a large explosion to improve the clearance rate!



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