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    February 14, 2022

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Do you like to use emoticons to express your mood? Or do you show your happiness and sadness on your face? Do you like to match their similar expressions in this fun puzzle game? This Emoji Puzzle game is a casual game that combines various elements such as connecting, puzzle solving and sorting.
The game graphics show a very minimalist style where you can use your imagination! Then connect various happy and sad expressions here, which is equivalent to connecting two emoji that have the most in common.
You can also unlock all kinds of cute emojis, playing this game every day will have a good mood, just like these emojis, interesting game graphics, easy and simple operation fun, rich game emoji content, can bring you a very rich and unique game experience. Play mode is very simple, but with the challenge of the level, the game will become more and more difficult, so it will bring you challenging, so you need to break through in the game according to the rules, different modes of play have different fun.

Emoji Puzzle! contains hundreds of emoji and dozens of levels, this game is very simple to operate, the game screen is also very simple and comfortable, this game is also very suitable for players of different ages in suitable for killing time to find a different kind of fun, this is a good game can help you spend your free time.

If you are a player who likes to play this kind of casual, puzzle and puzzle games, if you are very fond of this kind of emoji elements, and simple and interesting decompression game, then please do not miss this "Emoji Liner".

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How to Play

The gameplay of this game requires the player to connect emojis within a limited time, in will test the player's observation more; you need to click on an emoji on one side or a column, and then slide your finger to the emoji on the other side. In this way, keep matching connections until you pass the level, and you will be rewarded when you successfully make them connect and eliminate them. On the other hand, you can also complete some challenges where you need to place the correct emoji into a similar emoji box. Place them one type at a time and as you go through the level, finding the correct pair will become increasingly difficult. As you play, more emojis will be unlocked into the level to find the correct pairing.

One of the core gameplay is connecting emojis, and the connected emojis are even more colorful. Some emojis are different because of their style and need you to connect them, others belong to the same category and will require players to put the same ones into the same board by themselves, and others will require players to put them in the same color together to make them color match. In short, you will find all kinds of strange game play in the levels, from the size of the expressions, the relevance of the expressions, the expansion of the play and many other aspects to bring the player different fun, so that the original linking operation is full of many different unknown fun, to bring many mysterious experience for the player.



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