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    February 22, 2022

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Toon Blast is a cartoon style casual puzzle game from Peak that allows players to eliminate levels and unlock new tasks. Players can experience different game content and different gameplay in Toon Blast. Puzzle game can exercise the player's brain, hand speed, eyesight, so that people get logical reasoning ability and reaction ability. The game is simple to play using the classic three-fold technique, from three-year-old children down to the elderly can play, can play anytime, anywhere, can kill time. It is very suitable for everyone to play after work and study. These games make people feel relaxed and happy!

Toon Blast is a game with cute and adorable animals, fun, beautiful, surprising and challenging. Players just need to click the screen to move the same squares up and down, left and right combined together to eliminate it, the game also has a lot of festive activities, full of challenging competition, the game level accompanied by different obstacles, the difficulty gradually escalated, in the specified time to complete the challenge, eliminate the specified items ...... Play super rich. Come and join me in the magical world of Toon Blast and explore the infinite possibilities!

Toon Blast has more than 900 elimination levels. The game is rich in levels, so players can experience different gameplay and content.
You can connect the same patterns together to form a series of explosions, win rewards to earn stars, exchange and unlock more personalized characters and skins, and experience the fun of breaking through levels. Create your own team and compete with others to rule this amazing world. The game also allows you to meet our old familiar friends, Bruno Bear, Cooper Cat and Wally Wolf.

The game style is cute and the gameplay is simple, but very challenging. Come and unlock new ways to play and enjoy the different levels to your heart's content!

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How to Play

Toon Blast game play is very simple, just eliminate and play your thinking ability to complete the level quickly. According to the task tips of different levels to eliminate, complete the goal of the level; just click on the screen to move the pictures, the same color pictures combined together will produce different effects, according to different actions up and down, left and right (horizontal and vertical) different directions to eliminate, keep your attention and quickly eliminate the target. The game uses the level mode, also the classic three elimination techniques, you must complete the task level to unlock new levels. Pass the level successfully to collect stars, you will get rich rewards.
Game features.
1、The game has thousands of levels, but each level plays differently and is full of challenges.
2, the game picture is exquisite, different combinations will produce a different explosion, cool special effects. The experience is very strong.
3, as the game advances will also unlock different animal characters.
4, there is a wealth of holiday activities inside to participate in the activities of many rewards.

Players can also get props in the game "rocket booster" to eliminate. If players click on five of the same color pattern, you can get a rocket." Bomb booster" Eliminate seven identical pictures to get a bomb." Disco Ball" Eliminate nine or more identical pictures to get one. The more levels you complete, the more boosters you will get, helping you to pass the levels more easily.

You start the game with five life bars, but failing a level will waste one of your life bars. What if you want to continue the game, but you don't have enough power-ups? Don't worry, you can request to send it to all your friends members. By sending lives to your friends to you. You can ask your members for 5 free lives.



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