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    Android IOS

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    March 7, 2022

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    Halfbrick Studios



Jetpack Joyride is an action game, the game has a simple and fresh cartoon animation style, the game screen is clear and smooth, different scene changes, gold coins arranged and combined in a gorgeous array, the use of various props function are dripping, give players a strong visual impact effect. Players control Barry from the top-secret laboratory to steal the jetpack. Barry he needs your help to help him escape from here, dodge the obstacles on the road and destroy all the enemies.

The game graphics are clear and smooth. There are different game scenes, the game will also be a lot of gold coins, waiting for players to collect one by one, the game also has a variety of props, each prop has a different ability to give players a strong visual impact, these are the players need to explore the experience. The background music of the game is full of rock and roll, with the sound of bullets from the gunfire, so that players have a more tense atmosphere in the game, very fun and interesting, to experience the thrill of the game.

The goal of the game is to control the jetpack as much as possible to fly, collect coins, dodge the electric pillars and some dangers such as lasers and missiles that may appear around at any time. This is not easy and tests the player's reflexes and judgment, because you simply do not know when the danger will come. As players continue to fly, collect golden "spin tokens", collect them and draw them in the "slot machine" to get some extra props and rewards, which are convenient for secondary players to use in the game to get a higher score. The game has a lot of interesting levels and game props, which also provides a variety of gorgeous fashion and weapons, taking you to experience unlimited fun!

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How to Play

Jetpack Joyride game background in a factory, this time Barry entered the factory and found the secret inside, in order to stop the scientists inside to do bad things, Barry decided to steal the scientists developed the jetpack, but there are many traps inside, in order to successfully escape from here, Barry will use the jetpack to avoid the dangers of the factory. The game brings you a different kind of escape experience.

In the game, players click on the screen anywhere, the jetpack will fire, Barry will stand up. When the player lets go, the jetpack will close and Barry will fall down. Because he is always flying, the player does not control his speed, only his movement up and down along the vertical. Players will be equipped with jetpacks to complete the mission challenges, taking care to avoid the crazy mechanical arms and complete the exciting challenges. Use the machine gun on the flying machine to chase away evil scientists, fly up and down to avoid various obstacles in the factory, collect gold coins, and dodge endless power grids, missiles, and lasers along the way. The pace of the game varies from fast to slow, and players have to react in time. In the game contact with the "rainbow boxes", these boxes will provide Barry with a car, used to avoid obstacles, but there is a limit to hit the obstacles will not. In the game will carry out three tasks, the player has to complete, each individual task has one to three stars, get a certain number of stars, the player will upgrade, get rich rewards.

Avoid various obstacles in the factory, including fixed electric gates, rotatable electric gates, rocket launchers, light beams, and more. Meanwhile, collect as many gold coins as possible from all corners of the factory so you can buy more advanced flying machines, more stylish and beautiful clothes, more powerful weapons, etc.



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