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    February 23, 2022

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Parking Jam 3D is a casual parking simulation game, which is also fun driving experience. Use your smart brain, feel the real driving operation, in different levels to challenge, fresh and simple screen design, three-dimensional picture, lovely vehicle shape, interesting puzzle level content, charming unique game scene.
You need to help your vehicle to find the right way out of the parking lot, in order to move other vehicles; players need to think more brain to solve the problem.
In this game, there are many different types of cars for players to choose from, and you need to observe sensitively in different scenes in order to successfully complete different tasks and unlock more different ways to play. The order of movement is very critical, so players have to think clearly about what to move next. Challenge your logic skills, critical thinking and timing accuracy.
Parking Jam 3D is a parking type casual puzzle game, in the parking lot full of vehicles, you need to move other vehicles out one by one, flexible movement in the parking lot of some obstacles, so that their vehicles safely and accurately parked into it, be careful to control the speed and direction of the car. And complete the task in the specified time. The game is very challenging, feel the most realistic driving operation.
Game features.
1, the style of the game is very relaxed and casual, players can play at any time.
2、The difficulty of the game can be adjusted freely according to the player, if you think it is too easy, open the hell difficulty.
3, in different levels to challenge different vehicles for you to choose.
4、Get more cars, skins and scenes through the challenge.
5、 By learning how to park smoothly without hitting small cars and obstacles.

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How to Play

Parking Jam 3D" is set in a parking lot full of cars, colorful cars are the object of your operation. The location of the parking lot is very small and difficult to operate, the player needs to be careful to properly place each car neatly and move the vehicle flexibly to avoid unnecessary traffic accidents! When moving vehicles to control the vehicle and speed because it is easy to vehicle collision. Very simple, the game players through the finger in the screen to move the car will be able to move. The car will be moved to the designated location in order to count parking success. The game has a wealth of levels, the later stages of the difficulty will be increasingly high, testing the player's wisdom.
The game uses the sky perspective, so the player's observation space will be large, the player needs to observe carefully, each level is very cleverly designed, once you do not grasp the trick, will be completely unable to pass the level. Each level is played differently, so players will use their fingers to control the car constantly in the level according to the instructions of the task to park.

Drive your car into the parking lot precisely and complete each task level within the time limit. To move each car, you just need to drag your finger on the screen to manage the movement of each car.

Players use their dexterous fingers to move all the vehicles in the parking lot within the limited space and eventually remove all the vehicles from the exit. The process of the game requires players to have strong logical thinking and calculation skills.

In the first few levels, you can move all the vehicles with relative ease. However, as you complete more and more puzzles, you will need to move more vehicles in order to move all of them safely out of the parking lot without any minor collisions.



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