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    25 January 2022

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    Outfit7 Limited



Do you want to have a pet of your own? You don't have enough time to take care of it? No matter, here is a game in which you can adopt a pet, and in addition to that, your pet can accompany you to talk and also make your dull mood happy. my Talking Tom is an electronic pet game developed by Outfit7 and released in November 2013. The main character of the game is a smart, cute and occasionally mischievous cat named Tom, a personality that has made him a favorite of children all over the world In My Talking Tom, Tom will act as your pet and you will have to take care of him as the owner. Like real-life pets, Tom needs to eat to keep up his energy, play and sleep. Unlike real cats, Tom will mimic your speech and repeat whatever you say, so when you get bored, do just that. As the game continues and Tom grows up under your careful care, you can take him on adventures around the world. You can also pet him gently and make him coo. You will feel comfortable with Tom and even though he is just a virtual pet, he will bring you real companionship and joy! The game uses 3D animation to make Tom look very vivid. my Talking Tom is a great game for children, both visual and auditory.
Besides Tom Cat, the game also provides players with different pets, such as: Hank the Dog, Angela, Ben the Dog and six more pets that you are familiar with, so players can choose according to their preferences! You can spend every pleasant day with them. If you make a like to play adopt various pets as the theme of the game, or you are a big fan of the Tom Cat game series, then, you do not want to miss this game!

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How to Play

Tom is a charming kitten and from the moment you enter the game you become his owner and companion, taking care of Tom like a real pet. At the bottom of the game, apart from the shopping cart on the far left, they represent mood, hunger level, bath and rest. Normally, these four areas are displayed in green, but when Tom is in a bad mood, hungry, dirty or low on stamina, the green color will gradually drop and eventually show up in red. Players have to take care of Tom according to the display. When the mood index drops, play with Tom; when Tom feels hungry, go to the shopping cart and buy food to feed Tom; when Tom is dirty and wants to go to the toilet at the same time, take him to the bathroom; when Tom is low on stamina, take care of him and put him to bed. Players can also buy potions to help Tom regain his strength. These four elements are closely linked, as Tom can only go to play if he is not hungry and has enough stamina, and when he is done playing, he will be too complacent to sleep. Players can talk to Tom in the game and get him to talk like you do. You can also poke him in the head with your finger to make his eyes glow. Everyone will react in a funny way to your various actions. Players can also decorate a room for Tom in the game and choose furniture that will please. With your careful care, Tom will grow taller and unlock more costumes and props, so dress him up and see how he reacts.
Tom can also make your mood happier. When you are alone and feel lonely, you can talk to Tom and although he responds with the same words you say, his tone is really funny and hilarious, making you feel better gradually! Play with it more when you have nothing to do!



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