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    January 14, 2022

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This is an addictive dress-up game - "Love Niki", the core of the game is mainly to do free dress up, of course, more than that, beautiful picture quality and smooth running makes people very comfortable, a variety of styles with fancy decorations, a high degree of freedom of character modeling. Tens of thousands of clothing billion kinds of collocation, a hundred different styles as reflected in the dress up. PK in the game to see who has a better eye? You must division that most excellent matchmaker. Come to "Anique" to start your dream journey!

As a serious dress-up game, it is not only limited to dress-up, "Anique" also has its own original plot, about a young girl named Su Nuanuan, with her a pet cat big meow, crossed to a place called Miracle Continent, where people rely on matching to compete and fight, there are seven countries Lillith Kingdom, Cloud Empire, Apple Federation, Pigeon Kingdom, Northland Kingdom, Wasteland Republic and the Ruined Isle. Each country has its own unique style background, and the designers and matchmakers from the seven countries to start a different story, to understand their own wonderful story. The Nuan seems to be the pink-haired girl who was prophesied to be able to prevent the destruction of the Miracle Continent, and she will open a different fantasy journey here. Although the plot is always very familiar crossing, destined daughter, but this is not the point, the point is that in these journeys, you can get very many levels drop small skirt to expand your closet, all kinds of styles are available, in the process of playing the game, but also can listen to the story, why not?

What? You can also design your own DIY clothes, by collecting clothing and design materials, according to your favorite fabrics, patterns, colors design out, come to show your designer talent.

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How to Play

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen game play is generally over the level, brush the map, do the task, you can save tokens every day, from time to time there will be a variety of activities, will open a lot of new ways to get beautiful clothes, save on the tokens will be useful, in addition is to include the arena and alliance guild play is also worth a play. In the arena and other matchmaker challenge to see whose vision is better. This game is relatively new, compared to other arena play, here is to rely on players to match to win rather than to fight and kill. However, when competing with other designers, you can release some skills to interfere with your opponent.

The freedom of the game may be a little conservative compared to some large 3D games, but in the original basis can do a lot of changes, it is like giving you a basic base, how you want to put it on excellent all depends on your level. But do not worry, before starting the task will be prompted, you can according to the requirements of the task, choose the right style of clothing with, it will be easy to succeed in the challenge. If you can not pass the challenge once, you can try different styles of clothing in the game. Try a few more times and you'll be fine.

There are three kinds of tokens commonly used in the game, pink diamonds, gold coins, and union coins. Among them, pink diamonds are more useful and in demand because the game usually launches some large activities, which have some beautiful dresses. If you want to get it, you have to pay a lot of pink diamonds.
How to get pink diamonds? You can log into the game every day to complete some daily tasks to get pink diamonds, then you can start the long process of collecting them, or you can spend some real money to get them in reality if you don't want to wait.



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