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Do you like cute and funny snakes? - Fun Online Slither is a free super casual game developed by Kooapps that you can play when you are bored, after work and study, to relax and unwind and feel good about the world food. The theme of the game is the same as the name of the game, it is an action game related to snakes. In the game the player will control a small snake, by looking around for colored balls and eat them to help them become bigger and stronger! The game is very simple, there are a lot of small snakes are controlled by the player, if you are not careful to control the snake touches the body of other small snakes then you will die, although very test the player's hand speed but your game strategy is also very important, use your wisdom in the game gallop the whole field.

The game is very simple to play and has a nostalgic feel to it as it is very similar to the snakes we used to play as kids, the cute game graphics, the snakes are all very Q and cute, playing this game is a pleasant enjoyment, that's why I believe - Fun Online Slither has touched the hearts of many people.

Even if you are new to the game, you can get started quickly. The game uses the simplest and most basic concept of controlling your little snake to become a big snake. You can also eat snakes that are weaker than you, but you also have to be careful not to get eaten by other snakes.

There are several modes in the game, you can invite your friends to compete with each other and you can beat all the snakes to become the No1, or you can play with your friends in two player mode, you can also compete with multiple players and travel through the game world, you can watch your score on the leaderboard. How long can you survive?

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How to Play - Fun Online Slither" game play is very simple, players have to help the little snake become more and more powerful, by eating the colorful balls in the screen, the more you eat, the longer the body, the higher the score, but with this way growth will be very slow, players can find a smaller snake than you and eat it, it can quickly let you grow. Use your fingers to move flexibly, so that other snakes accidentally touch you, and then kill it and eat its body, so that your body will be side long. The game many activities can participate in, get some unique shape of the skin, you are the most beautiful snake in the game.

As your body grows longer, you have to be careful of other snakes that are bigger than you will attack you and eat you, and of course don't ignore the snakes that are smaller than you because they can kill you and eat your body at any time. As your snake body gets longer, the difficulty of the game will also be upgraded, the body becomes bigger it is not easy to control, can not touch the wall, and can not underestimate other small snakes, until the last second of the game, who may be the first, see if the last laugh of the one will be you?

Anyway, your goal is to swim around the scene, picking up small balls and making your body longer, while dodging or attacking other snakes. As players get bigger and bigger, you'll get a crown! Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the snake's head around you during the game so that the snake's body doesn't touch it! As your body gets bigger and bigger, be sure to pay attention to the fit in the turn!



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