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    Android IOS

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    Aug 15, 2022

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    Supersonic Studios LTD



If you're looking for a light-hearted, fun and addictive game, stop your search now and play Tall Man Run. It's sure to get you hooked!
Tall Man Run is a Tinder-themed parkour game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD and available on Android and iOS, which will bring unprecedented fun to players who enjoy playing these casual parkour games. The gameplay is very simple and relatively easy to learn, cross the blue doors, dodge the obstacles and try to get stronger to see how far you can go in the game.
About the game: As with most parkour games, the gameplay is basically the same, testing the player's reaction time and hand speed to get further and get a high score! In the game, players will control the matchmaker to parkour, collect various props to keep moving forward, become higher and stronger, and finally defeat the final boss to win the level, in addition to collect as many diamonds of the track, diamonds can be used to unlock more cool skins. More surprises await you!
Tall Man Run game highlights.
1、Featured breakthrough gameplay, each level is very creative and can bring players more fun.
2、Control the matchmaker to become bigger and smaller, the rules are simple, the gameplay is diverse, different tasks, feel free to experience.
3, very simple game graphics with soothing music, can bring the player a relaxed feeling.
4、The operation in the game is very convenient, allowing players to operate their fingertips freely on the screen, very interesting.

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How to Play

I'm sure you already know the instructions for Tall Man Run, but do you know how to play it? The game is very simple to play and can be operated with one hand, freeing up your hands and experiencing the ease of process that comes with one-handed operation. Just swipe your finger, swipe left and right to change the direction of the matchmaker and swipe up to make the matchmaker jump. To get stronger you have to go through the doors with blue numbers, the bigger the number the stronger you will become. Also beware of the red doors with negative symbols and other obstacles that block your way, you have to avoid them or you will become even smaller.
There are two blue doors in the game "thicker" doors which make your character wider when you go through them. The "taller" door makes you taller. Players can walk through them without worrying, it's good for you. In contrast, players should avoid the red doors during the game. The "thiner" doors make you smaller and the "shorter" doors make you shorter. The core gameplay is that you have to get as big and tall as possible to have a better chance of survival! There are other props to pick up that will help us get better at the levels, so use them wisely to get your score up! It's very easy to get through the levels, get to the end and kick the robot with all your might to clear the level.
I'm sure you know how to play Tall Man Run by now, don't you? Then don't hesitate to join the game and try it out, how far can you go in it?



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