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    Jun 29, 2022

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    Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.



Darkness has arrived and a new mission has begun. Can you guard the place of refuge in your heart?
Diablo Immortal is a role-playing game published by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and is the latest installment of Diablo. Set over twenty years between the second and third generations, Diablo Immortal follows the classic Diablo style to perfection; but with a new story line, new characters, new game content and new challenges. Join in and fight alongside your friends!
About the game: On the adventure trail, players will experience a variety of exciting adventures, engage in dynamic events on public maps or slay their way through menacing dungeons for supreme glory! From the peaceful town of Worthan, to the deserted towers of Oblivion, to the bizarre Sea of Shasar and more, explore the endless darkness and the unknown, fight for peace in the Land of Refuge and write a new chapter of adventure!
About the characters: The game offers six distinctive professions: barbarian, warrior, wizard, holy army, demon hunter and necromancer; each character has a unique combat effect and they are equipped with new abilities and skills. Different legendary gems can also be set, creating different variations in skills, and new playable characters will appear in the future as the game is updated. The possibilities are endless for your adventures!
The highlight of Diablo Immortal is the combat system, with its realistic sound effects and realistic combat animations. A continuation of the Diablo classic, with epic battle scenes that are absolutely superb and bring you an experience like no other!

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How to Play

Diablo Immortal enters the game with an opening animation about the fact that the Worldstone has been shattered, but there is still great power in its tainted fragments, which Diablo will first use to resurrect the King of Fear. Mankind, believing the archangel Tyrell to be dead, is left alone to face the consequences of Tyrell's actions. Pieces of the tainted Worldstone have corrupted the earth, inviting ancient demons who are also collecting the power of the Worldstone and want to use it to control humanity. It is up to the players to solve these problems, and the story begins as they take on the role of a "crisis solver" in the Land of Asylum!
The game is easy to play, with intuitive gameplay, gestures and touch screen controls giving players full control over their hero. The bottom left button controls your character's movement in the game, while the bottom right button is the attack button and some skill buttons. When you're low on life you can quickly use potions to revive yourself and tap on the screen to equip recently acquired items to make yourself stronger.
Diablo Immortal's gameplay revolves around building your character by fighting monsters, collecting equipment, gems and so on. The game also offers players a wealth of challenging dungeons, ancient mysteries and more. Players will be rewarded for defeating demons; gems, sets, equipment and more.
If you are interested in Diablo Immortal and want to experience its fascinating features, then don't hesitate to join in!



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