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    Android IOS

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    March 1, 2022

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    Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd.



Come and experience an epic war! If you're a fan of hot-blooded hero games, then you won't want to miss this game. Exquisite game graphics, vivid game characters, and distinctive game voices, each one of them can be a reason to recommend this legendary game! Come with us into this fantasy world for an unprecedented magic adventure!
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free-to-play action RPG adventure game developed by Moonton, and I'm sure you won't be unfamiliar with it. The player can choose your favorite heroes in the game and form a powerful team to fight. The epic game graphics and stunning gameplay will give players a different sense of game experience, in Mobile Legends the game, players can enjoy the unique MOBA action games can bring the fun. Listen! Bang Bang Bang. This is your note of victory! The game is a classic map, classic gameplay, different heroes, different strategies, in the game, players can compete with real players from all over the world, compared to who is the real game of high play. In this case, the player needs to fight with the opposite enemy in endless battles until you or the enemy gets the victory! The game has a variety of characters, tanks, mages, archers, assassins, support, from which you can choose the most powerful heroes you need, as well as customize your own strategy to help you win the war.

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How to Play

The gameplay is still along the most classic 5V5 mode, to carry out a wonderful battle requires the following conditions, players need to cooperate with four randomly matched teammates, or team up with their friends to cooperate, plus the number of enemies, a total of 10 players need to fight together, if you feel that randomly matched strangers may affect your skills, then choose to team up with oh friends is also very good The way. When the game starts you all choose a hero that you are good at controlling, each hero has their own special skills and attributes, and of course players can purchase to upgrade the hero's attributes. Make them more powerful and more capable of destroying the enemy's base. Note that the heroes we choose are not allowed to choose two of the same heroes, so be sure to communicate with your teammates about their respective positions and the roles they want to play. If players want to make the game more playable, then they can use the training mode to become proficient in each hero's play style and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This way in case the hero you want to play has already been chosen by your teammates, but there are still other suitable options, so you need to learn to operate as many heroes as possible. Of course you can also choose a hero you are not familiar with to play in a battle, so that you will be more serious about using that hero to attack more enemies than perhaps in the training ground. In short, players need to choose the most suitable hero to fight. It is also important to have a good understanding of the game map, lanes, jungles, and field bosses, and to understand enemy movements according to game tips to prevent being attacked by lurking enemies. The most important point is to cooperate with each other and communicate with your teammates at all times.



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