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    Android IOS

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    Jul 28, 2022

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    Activision Publishing, Inc.



Call of Duty Mobile is a multiplayer online shooter based on the Call of Duty series, created by Activision Publishing, Inc. and released for Android and iOS devices. The game is the ultimate in Call of Duty gameplay.
Although the game has been ported from the end-game, the game has been adapted and optimised for mobile use, allowing players to immerse themselves in the thrilling shooting experience anytime, anywhere! Gameplay revolves around parachuting, vehicles, drug running and gunplay, making it a very exciting game to play! The game also features five classic modes - Single Strike Team, Tactical Team, Stronghold, Classic Demolition and Hotspot - and depending on which one you choose, you'll experience different gameplay to meet the needs of different players.
Call of Duty Mobile game highlights.
1, the game uses the most advanced virtual engine technology, so the combat feeling is quite realistic, bringing players an immersive experience.
2, provides players with a large number of combat weapons, players can freely experience the operation, enjoy a variety of combat experience.
3,With a large group of players and a variety of modes to choose from, players can be matched quickly and start fighting.
4,The game is easy to use and newcomers can quickly get the hang of it, with a huge upgrade to the interactive experience for handheld games.

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How to Play

Once you enter Call of Duty Mobile, the first thing you will see is the game interface, which allows you to access the game's various features and gameplay through the home screen.
By clicking on the nickname and avatar in the top left corner of the home screen, we can access the character level, profile, achievements and other features. On this page we can view many more account related information and rewards. The yellow area in the bottom right corner will take you to our shop, where you can buy various skin items and top up your CP points (CP points are, of course, the kryptonite points that you can earn by topping up your account.) The CP Points are, of course, the kryptonite points you earn by topping up your account. Of course, before you start the game, choose the mode you want to play in, there are three big buttons on the right of the home screen at noon: ranked, multiplayer and survival. Next you have to choose the category of character you want to play as. In this game, there are a total of 6 character classes. They are: Medic, Scout, Ninja, Joker, Defender and Mechanic. Different characters have different abilities for their roles.
The Call of Duty Mobile game even includes unique equipment that you can customise to suit your needs. There are nearly a hundred different weapons to choose from, and there are also weapon accessories that can be attached to the gun of your choice, which will give you a more consistent effect against your enemies.
All in all, Call of Duty Mobile is a great game in the shooter genre, simple to play, but also very much a test of strategy and tactics to defeat all your enemies in order to succeed.



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