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    February 3, 2022

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    Gameloft SE



Minion Rush: The Running Game" is a small soldier movie-based parkour game, the game's protagonists are the main characters in the movie, they have a yellow appearance, a pair of big eyes, very pleasing and very cute. In this game, players will run with the little yellow man in the challenging track! This is also the characteristics of the little yellow man. If you are a big fan of the little yellow man, then this is definitely a game not to be missed! Come and join the game, choose your favorite little yellow man and run together.

There are various challenging tracks in the game, whether you are running through the community, dodging traps in the lab or jumping into the hideout of the super bad guy, you will encounter new challenges, help the little yellow man to avoid obstacles in the track, sprint through the track, collect bananas scattered in the track, you will get more rewards, participate in special challenges and have the chance to get more special rewards. There are also different scenes in the game, each with a unique and interesting running task.

Players can freely customize the appearance of the little yellow man in the game. The game has prepared a large number of beautiful costumes for players, and you can create an exclusive image for your little yellow man to look more charming in various levels.

Minion Rush: The Running Game", the game uses 3D graphics, the image of the little yellow man is portrayed very vividly. Interesting gameplay plus unique game sound, will bring players a different parkour experience. Minion Rush: The Running Game" is suitable for players over 10 years old and you can use it on Android and IOS platforms!

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How to Play

This is a very simple parkour game with the same operation as most parkour games. Even if you are a new player, you can master it and get started easily in just a few minutes. When the player first enters the game, there is a game guide on the screen that instructs the player how to control the movement of the little yellow man. There are 3 runways in the game, use your finger to swipe on the screen to control the little yellow man's movement. Slide left, the little yellow man to the left to move a runway; slide right, the little yellow man to the right to move a runway; finger slide up to control the little yellow man in the game jump; slide down to control the little yellow man down slide, these operations of course also apply to avoid the obstacles on the road. With the advancement of the game running on the way there will be obstacles and props, players have to dodge and collect in time.

Different obstacles require players to control the little yellow man to make the corresponding action, such as some obstacles can only control the little yellow man to slide down to pass. Control the little yellow man to avoid obstacles at the same time, you need to collect the bananas on the track, the more bananas collected, the longer the time to run forward, the player will get better rewards and scores, but also can be used to unlock the appearance of different little yellow man, each shape is very unique funny. Unlock new little yellow men like Carl, Jerry and Mel.

When the little yellow man ran a distance, but also in the middle of the runway switch, ushering in a new challenge. By completing levels and special tasks, players will be able to unlock more little yellow man costumes in the game, different costumes have different special abilities, get each costume, and different props also have different abilities, will help players solve more problems in the track.



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