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Clockmaker: Match 3 Games! is a triple-play puzzle game developed by BELKA GAMES and published on Android and iOS devices. Players take on the role of a mystery seeker who travels to the mysterious "Clock Town" to complete a series of challenging missions and save the town from the evil curse of the ancient clock master. The game features a large number of levels to complete, and it's up to you to break the curse and restore the once quiet and peaceful town to its former glory.
Clockmaker: Match 3 Games!
1、The rules of the game are very simple, match 3 or more identical elements to eliminate them.
2. Realistic European cartoon style is used, both characters and scenes are very exquisite.
3, the game incorporates a lot of elements, no longer just a simple elimination game, making the game more playable.
4、With new challenges every week, players have very rich experience here, so you will not get bored playing here.
5、Players can also ride the ghost train, grow magic plants, make cakes, bingo and play some unique mini games games.

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How to Play

How do I play Clockmaker: Match 3 Games! Once you enter the game, there will be a tutorial to help you get to grips with the game and experience the fun.
The core gameplay is still the familiar triple elimination game, where the player is faced with a wide range of coloured gems and has to move and swap them in order to connect at least three of the same element, i.e. the same gem, in order to score points and break the level. In addition to the normal triple elimination (i.e. three identical elements in a row, and so on), special elimination forms such as quadruple elimination, quintuple elimination, cross elimination, L-shaped elimination and others with more than 3 elimination elements will form different special elements, which will have powerful elimination effects such as clearing all elements in their row/column, clearing elements in a 3*3 area centred on the grid they are in, etc. Players will have to spend a lot of time and effort to eliminate these elements. These special elements have powerful elimination effects such as clearing all elements in their row/column, clearing elements within 3*3 of the centre of their grid, etc. The player has to think carefully about where to move the gems, as each move will affect the next. After all, the game has a step limit, so players must do everything they can to combine gems into more combinations so that more gems will be eliminated.
In the top left corner of the screen is the number of steps you have to take to complete the game within the required number of steps. Once you have used your number of steps to play, but your goal has not been completed, it means the game has failed.



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