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    7 February 2022

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Homescapes is a casual game developed by Playrix and released in 2017, arguably a sequel to Gardenscapes, Homescapes features the same protagonist as Austin the butler, this time to restore his childhood home.
Homescapes adds elimination elements to the gameplay of Gardenscapes, making it a casual game that combines triple elimination, dress-up and puzzle solving. Players will inherit an old castle and help Austin restore the old mansion to its former glory!
Classic triple elimination transposition gameplay, players only need to complete the triple elimination level, you can get stars, and then use these stars to help Austin decorate the mansion. Each triple elimination level is full of challenges, and players have to complete different levels to have a chance to get more rewards. As the game progresses, the levels become more difficult, making the game even more challenging.
Use the stars you win to swap out decorations and design the entire structure to your liking to make the mansion the way you've always dreamed it would be! Show off your design talent in Homescapes. Players can focus more on the elimination aspect of the game and the building aspect is mainly based on an attitude of appreciation.
The game uses 2D graphics to show players the beautiful environment, which is believed to make the whole game process very relaxing and enjoyable. The playability of the game is very high, players can clean, rearrange furniture, and buy new furniture in the game. The game's graphics are bright and colorful, making the buildings in the game more layered.
Sometimes Austin gets into little trouble and needs you to help him make choices. You also have the opportunity to approve cute pets here!
Homescapes is a game for everyone, where players will discover the charm of the game of the three kingdoms, now! Invite your friends to join the game and decorate Austin's home with you!

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How to Play

The game play is simple, players just need to eliminate items by matching 3 or more identical elements. Eliminating 4 or more identical elements will trigger a special effect item which helps players to eliminate an entire row, column or area of elements. Before swapping elements each time, players can carefully consider the position of various elements after elimination to make sure they can eliminate more elements next time. Each level has tasks, such as eliminating 50 of a certain element, that the player must complete before the remaining steps are used up. The fewer steps used, the faster the level will be completed and the more rewards the player will receive. The rewards earned through the triple elimination levels can be used to purchase decorations, allowing the player to decorate and furnish the mansion to their liking. Austin will also encounter some tricky things in the game, and you need to help him make the right choice. With your efforts, let's make the old mansion shine again!
In short, this game is mainly based on building and elimination, the player's main task is to decorate the home, rearrange the display items, so that the castle back to its former glory, but in addition to these, the game also provides the player with some additional tasks, such as in some specific holidays, the player will be asked to decorate the house according to the type of holiday. And the game also provides players with different game competitions every week, in which players can earn more gold and different props. In addition, players can log in every day to receive the corresponding rewards, this is also the game's most cost-free and fastest way to get rewards, if players log in cumulatively for a week, then will get one hour of unlimited energy, players must make good use of it Oh!



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