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    February 21, 2022

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    Rovio Entertainment Oyj



Angry Birds Dream Blast" is a casual puzzle elimination game, a new bird game inspired by "Angry Birds Movie 2", in which you can see our familiar bird characters, which will participate with you in every challenge, very fun. This game is no longer a catapult game, but a fun elimination game, but there is no lack of difficulty and challenge. This has earned this game a lot of love and following in a very short period of time, challenging new modes and levels. The graphics are beautiful, and the birds are vivid and three-dimensional. Recommended for players who love the Angry Birds series and elimination games to experience.

The gameplay is very innovative, and the graphics have a lot of colorful elements and a pretty good texture. In the game you will poke bubbles of various colors, and if there are very many of the same color, the score will become higher. Each kind of bird in the game has a different effect, reasonable use can be more to eliminate more bubbles, a total of more than 5,000 levels waiting for you to challenge, open your adventure.

This game is particularly versatile in terms of gameplay. Each level will have a large number of bubbles of different colors jumping around on the screen in accordance with the laws of physics. Whenever a batch of bubbles are poked, the remaining bubbles will burst together, and we will solve endless puzzles together and enjoy the excitement. And the game's soundtrack is also full of joyful feeling, easy rhythm, cheerful style.

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How to Play

This game is simple and easy to play, is the elimination of bubbles, players in the game need to eliminate all kinds of the same color bubbles, rescue the bubbles trapped by the companions. The game has a variety of different color bubbles, just tap to pop, burst and smash similar color bubbles, combination of strengthening props. Just tap to pop a group of similarly colored dream bubbles. Immediately pop enough bubbles to get red reinforcement props! Each has a different elimination target and requires some skill to pass the level. As the game progresses, the level difficulty will increase, so you can enjoy the challenge.

Red: Eliminate a whole row of bubbles
Yellow Chuck: will destroy bubbles in four directions
Black Bomb: will eliminate the entire screen of bubbles

Click Angry Birds Red to kill a row of bubbles, or combine two Angry Birds Red to form a Dart Yellow to bust bubbles in all four directions. Combine two dart yellows to create a super powerful bomb black booster! Bomb Black Daisy looks cute, but it has the explosive power to clear even the entire screen of bubbles! The explosive effects presented are stunning. You can combine more bubbles in one hour. The more bubbles you combine at once, the more powerful the booster you create. Use the effects of the different birds wisely to complete the level objectives more easily.
Game highlights.

1、Relive the familiar role of Angry Birds, players who love the Angry Birds series must not miss.
2, more than five thousand levels, full of challenges.
3、Puzzle and leisure, can be played anytime and anywhere.



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