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    January 27, 2022

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Angry Birds is back with its best friends, and this time they're taking you on an adventure unlike any other! Different from the previous battlefield, Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter will bring you to the bubble shooting. What will happen when the classic Angry Birds elements meet the traditional bubble shooter?
Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is an Angry Birds-themed bubble shooter. In this brand new game, you'll pick up your most familiar slingshot, fire bubbles and shoot down your old friend, the green pig! What kind of game experience will you get with the new design and new gameplay? There are more than 4000 levels, each level means you will face a new challenge, whether it is rescuing your companion or shooting down the green pig, each level is full of challenges, are you confident to pass the level successfully?
Each shot determines success or failure, and only by hitting bubbles of the same color will you have more possibilities. When you encounter difficulties, do not worry, use props to help you solve the dilemma in front of you, each victory will win you more rewards. In addition to the main levels, there are limited-time events and promotions to participate in, and even daily challenges for special rewards!
Invite your friends to join the game and you can not only challenge each other but also give each other gifts, this game will bring you closer together!
Angry Birds POP is a classic bubble dragon casual game with beautiful and fresh graphics and rich colors. There are not only diverse level challenges, interesting elimination games, and a variety of cute familiar characters. The operation is also very simple, players can easily enjoy the fun of eliminating bubbles and completing various challenges. This is a new and addictive puzzle game for everyone, so pick up your slingshot, make matches and pop the colorful bubbles now.

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How to Play

This is a game that combines the elements of Angry Birds and bubble shooting, so in the game, players will open the game with a new way of playing. Of course the game follows the basic operation of bubble shooting, players must shoot the bubbles on the slingshot to the position of bubbles of the same color, so that they are connected together, when the connected bubble color reaches 3 or more, it will be eliminated in the screen. The next bubble will be displayed at the bottom left of the slingshot, and when shooting, players can consider the color of the next bubble to decide where to shoot the current bubble, so as to match more bubbles.
Unlike most bubble shooting games, Angry Birds POP incorporates elements of Angry Birds in its levels, and some levels will have the goal of shooting down green pigs and rescuing birds, making the game more playable. Therefore, players have to think about how to complete the task faster when shooting. All bubbles hit have the potential to eliminate a series of powerful bubbles that will burst as long as they are the same color, then you play a role in helping to save the birds trapped behind the bubbles. Once you have successfully saved all the birds, you can move on to the next level. The number of bubble shots for each level is fixed, which means that players must complete the level before the bubbles run out. For each shot, the system will accumulate points for the player, and there are 3 stars at the top of the screen to show the player's level progress.
As the level increases, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase, the bubble color will also be more and more types, and there will even be more obstacles to block the connection between the bubbles, then more players need to look at the location before firing.



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