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    Jun 29, 2022

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    CrazyLabs LTD



Do you want to achieve ice cream freedom? Join "Dessert DIY" and you will be able to fulfil this wish. Players will take on the role of a master dessert chef and will have fun making delicious ice creams with a variety of ingredients. Simple and easy to play, swipe the screen to start a series of creations. There are so many different types of desserts to make, and with your careful preparation, customers will be eager to try your desserts.
About the game: Dessert DIY is a fun and freshly drawn casual puzzle game for all ages, which is a great way to spend your time. In this game you will run your own dessert shop and make a variety of desserts to satisfy your customers. The game offers a wide variety of desserts to choose from, including ice cream, snowballs, cones, fried yoghurt and more with different flavours of frosting, fruit, syrup and other ingredients. You can also learn how to make all kinds of cold desserts in the game, so it's worth playing!
Graphics: The game has a 3D cartoon style and each dessert has a unique look that is mouth-watering and delicious. The brilliant colours of the game create a variety of scenes, and the pleasant soundtrack brings you relaxation and fun at the same time.
If you are interested in Dessert DIY and want to experience its charming features, then don't hesitate to join in!

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How to Play

Dessert DIY is simple and fun to play, just swipe the screen and you're ready to play. Players will run their own dessert shop, making delicious desserts for your customers and using the proceeds to upgrade their shop to make it the biggest and strongest, making desserts that all customers will love.
The game is an in-depth recreation of every step of the dessert making process. When making fried yoghurt, players are free to choose flavours and fruits, and there are plenty of touch tools to use to make your desserts not only taste delicious but also look good, which will attract more customers to buy them and make your business more prosperous and earn more money. There are many flavours of ice cream to make; strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, kiwi, lemon and many more can be made in a simple and easy way. There are also customers who love snowballs and making them is as simple as passing a round snowball in a single stroke, isn't it? In short, there are different ways to make each kind of dessert, bringing you a richer gaming experience.
Dessert DIY game highlights.
1、The novel gameplay allows you to make delicious desserts freely, according to the needs of customers.
2, easy to click on the operation, to complete a series of tasks, there is no difficulty, worth playing.
3, every type of dessert can be learned, worth playing!
4、The game has added some interesting episodes that you can all experience.
If you are a dessert lover and if you enjoy the whole process of making food, then make sure you don't miss out easily on the different feelings this Dessert DIY will bring you.



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