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    Aug 24, 2022

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What's it like to earn revenue by organising rooms and then adventuring through an estate that needs fixing up? If you're a fan of collecting and organising games, if you're into dress-up and text adventure elements, then be sure to check out this super fun new management game that focuses on decorating a house. In Decor Life - Home Design Game, players can create their own cosy house, which can be designed and decorated from the inside out, and you can even unlock more items to decorate your house. Use your imagination to create different styles of decoration and make your house look the way you want it to look.
The graphics of the game are different from other decoration simulation games, the entire screen is cartoonish and simple, although not as realistic as other decoration games 3D, but the delicate and detailed graphics also bring more fun to this game. The animated graphics are warm and reassuring after all the cold, realistic graphics. The gameplay is very simple and easy to learn, you just need to design your own house to improve the Chinese rating of your home, and the gameplay is considered to be relaxing and stress-free. Every player can have fun designing their own home, using their own imagination, how to arrange the furniture or what style to choose, you can try it all out online. There are many different game modes, so you can choose the one you like and immerse yourself in the fun.

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How to Play

The core gameplay is about storage and organisation. The game is based on the design of an elimination game with an adventure storyline, in which players create a landscape based on their own design of the manor house. The story takes place in an old ruined manor house, where the player takes on the role of a female artist, tidying up rooms to earn stars and then using them to decorate the deserted ruins of the manor house into the desired look. Each level is set in a unique room, where you will have to get rid of all the broken furniture and put up new decorations, learn the essence of tidying and organising, and experience the fun of room tidying.
The stars you earn after passing a level are the only things you need to set up your manor. You can use these stars to choose the right carpets, door frames, fireplaces and other furniture items. Stars are easy to obtain and are generally earned through the levels in the game. The higher the rating you get in a level, the more stars you get, and there are many quests and sign-ups to earn them. Players are free to play with the game and design their homes. The game is a great experience with a variety of different styles of decoration and a variety of adventures. If you are looking for a game that is challenging to play, then Decor Life - Home Design Game is a great choice.



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