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    February 4, 2022

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    The Pokemon Company



Have you ever tried to open your own store? Or do you want to give it a try? Whether you have or not, you can bravely try, now join us in Pokemon Cafe ReMix game to run your own cafe, here is not just a store so simple? No, no, no, in this game you can also play the puzzle elimination game, and is a new tandem elimination game, no matter which type of game play, you have to run your coffee and snack store here, then you need to start with decorating your store, you can install your own favorite style decoration, you have to find ways to research your recipes as much as possible, to provide customers with delicious food. Complete the puzzle by connecting Pokémon icons together, prepare drinks and dishes for your Pokémon customers, then attract other customers and make them have a great time at the cafe!

This is a free and very simple puzzle game in which you have to complete the challenge of opening the store and getting good reviews from the customers! In the game, the player will become the operator of the Pokémon cafe, the player also needs to eliminate Pokémon puzzle game to make food for each Pokémon that comes to the cafe. After each successful completion of orders, players can upgrade the equipment and floors of the cafe, so you have to work hard to make your cafe expand.

In addition, the graphics in this game are very beautiful animated game and the visuals are absolutely attractive. Go ahead, research more recipes and recruit more Pokémon to work for you through your efforts to create your own unique cafe! Now you are the owner of the cafe, work with Pokémon and create your own Pokémon cafe!

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How to Play

The game requires you to be able to expand your cafe to accommodate your booming business and attract more Pokémon customers and new cafe offerings because your cafe is becoming more and more popular and crowded among these Pokémon customers. As you build your cafe, connect Pokémon icons to clear the game's Pokémon, a fresh take on elimination gameplay, and joyfully make delicious and good-looking desserts as each different elimination task is performed.

In the elimination of the level as far as possible to complete the designated task, there are many levels to provide you to break through, of course, as you break through the progress of the game will become more and more difficult, so that it will be challenging, I believe you can complete, and also lead the coffee shop staff together for the store to make meals for the Pokémon, to meet the needs of customers.

Each Pokémon staff has a cafe skill that comes in handy when solving eliminations! You can find these skills in the cafe, dragging Pokémon icons with rotating movements to connect them together, solving challenging puzzles, and creating a variety of drinks and dishes with cute Pokémon designs. Make friends and recruit your favorite Pokémon by offering amazing hospitality to build special friendships.

The game's guests are all Pokémon who love the cafe. If the guests and you become close over, they can also turn into your store staff to help out at your store, and these Pokémon will also use their unique skills to help you pass the level. Players enhance the "friendship" between Pokémon can also make Pokémon become employees of the cafe. Provide different fun for everyone, please place your order!



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