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    Android IOS

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    8 September 2021

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    Sleepy Z Studios



Do you want to challenge the sport of skiing? Ski Safari 2 is a casual game, a ski-themed adventure game that is the sequel to Ski Safari. Continuing the classic recipe of its predecessor, but adding more gameplay to make the game more interesting, but Ski Safari 2 will take each player into a world of ice and snow where you play as a brave little boy, Sven, and a cute little girl, Evana, where you can skate freely.
Here your characters will be sliding in the game because of the avalanche coming, when your life is threatened, you can use the snowmobile to help you escape and slide through the snowy forest, don't forget to dodge the avalanche behind you, speed up to escape, so before skiing are you ready for anything?
Ski Safari 2 is a very interesting game with excellent and dynamic graphics, 3D graphics, gorgeous snow scenery, really beautiful ah, and excellent sound effects, bringing a whole new dimension to the game. You can also enjoy such beautiful scenery when you enjoy skiing really is a double whammy ah.
You can also discover new buddies in skiing who will help you move faster on the snow, this is not just a single player game, you can also invite your family and friends to join you in this beautiful snow adventure and compete to see who will be the king of the snow? Throw your friends' objects onto the snow to hinder their progress or use them to get ahead on the track. So what's the hold up? Hurry up and join this beautiful skiing adventure with Sven.

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How to Play

Before the game starts you need to choose your character for the challenge, one is the brave little boy Sven, one is the cute sister Evana, and there are two skiing tools, one is a ski and one is a sled, you can choose according to your preference. Once you have chosen your role and equipment, the game begins. When an avalanche occurs, you need to control Sven or Evana who is sleeping, you have to control them to slide forward and avoid obstacles in front, such as: rocks, it will block your skiing speed, or cause you to fail the game, but you will also meet some other animals can help you progress in the game. For example, the penguins will let you ride on them and take you driving to speed up your speed, or the snowman will carry you on its shoulders to help you, and many other animal objects or props that can bring you help in the game, the game skating process can get gold coins, these coins can make the game to enhance the ability to briefly, or to unlock more features of the scene.
In addition to playing in single-player mode, you can also choose to play in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you will be randomly paired with 2-4 other players to play against each other. During the match, there will be random props that players can collect to stop their opponents from advancing properly, and of course, you will be hindered by the props used by other players. In addition to playing with strangers, you can also invite your familiar friends to join the ski race. Ski Safari 2 also adds more environments than its predecessor, the protagonist not only has to avoid avalanche damage, but also has to face the rigorous test of lava and tornadoes. Hurry up and join this fierce ski race!



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