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    November 19, 2021

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Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle and puzzle game developed by Ustwo and released on November 6, 2017, and is the sequel to Monument Valley released in 2014. This game continues the classic sweet painting style of Monument Valley and enchants with simple and warm scenes. Monument Valley 2 also adds more new elements, greatly improving the playability of the game.
In the new story, Monument Valley 2 will bring more laughter and contact. Unlike in the past, two people are needed to complete the adventure together in this game. Monument Valley 2 adds the role of a new mother, who will take her daughter over the mountains and high walls together to finally reach the other side of love. Perhaps this bridge is no longer so new to most people, but there is no doubt that it is one of its highlights in Monument Valley 2, where the adventure of family love continues.
New controls such as light and shadow effects have been added to Monument Valley 2, and players will face a whole new adventure. Players must face new architectural structures and solve puzzles. In the carefully designed levels, turn on your wits and guide the game's protagonist to a successful passage. You will reap a great sense of accomplishment after succeeding time and time again.
There are several chapters in the game, each chapter players will face different challenges, and as the chapters increase, the game will become more and more difficult, more test players' patience and judgment. When you can't find the next path, calm down and take a closer look at the amazing architecture to discover the hidden organs.
Overall, Monument Valley 2 adds more organ designs and becomes more detailed in terms of picture quality compared to its predecessor, increasing the difficulty while bringing a richer gaming experience to players. If you are a loyal player of Monument Valley, or like this unique game style, then Monument Valley 2 is definitely a game worth trying, it will bring you a visual feast!

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How to Play

Monument Valley 2's gameplay controls are roughly the same as its predecessor, players have to control the organs in the building by clicking and touching to enable the game character to successfully reach the end of the level. When players first enter the game, do not worry about not. Because the first chapter in Monument Valley 2, like its predecessor, is a teaching level: there is a rotating handle in the building, directly press and hold the rotating handle along the clockwise direction (or counterclockwise) rotation to start the mechanism. Players through the rotating handle will be connected to the road through, and then click the end of the location above, the villain will go directly to the destination. Players can be very simple through the first chapter. At this point, players can see that the building structure is relatively simple, as the level increases, the building will become more and more complex, hidden organs will also be more, players will face greater challenges.
In this game, players can play two characters and will encounter some new puzzles, and sometimes you must control two characters at the same time. The basic concept of Monument Valley 2 is very similar to its predecessor. Gorgeous, softly shaded buildings and vistas must be manipulated in order to get Ro and her daughter through each level. Visual perception is important, as sometimes rotating or sliding through buildings will change their perspective to create new walkways and routes Many aspects of these puzzles are presented very well through the screen, with one character walking upside down on a bridge while the other walks the correct direction on the bridge.
Players will face a variety of visual deceptions in the game, and finding the organs smoothly in such situations is not simple, so you must be patient enough to observe the buildings until you succeed in cracking the level.
Overall, this is an amazing sequel.



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