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    Android IOS

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    October 6, 2020

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    Bennett Foddy



This is definitely a game that pushes the limits! If you are a person who is daring and brave enough to accept your own failure, then this is a game you can't miss.

Getting Over It is a video game developed by Bennett Foudy and released in 2017. The game screen is simple, on the continuous hills and obstacles, the whole style is also gray, nothing bright colors, only one protagonist in addition to nothing else, then why such a game does not look outstanding at all can be so popular, when though it is with its unique gameplay, access to many players and even game anchors love, in this game, the player has to control the male protagonist Climb to the top of the mountain. Please do not underestimate this game task, because the role in the game is definitely not what you think, this is an altar man , his lower body are in the altar, he can not climb, jump and other movements, can only rely on the only tool in the hand - the hammer. Even that hammer can not be used as a fulcrum to support the protagonist's movements, it looks like he is like a dandelion floating in the wind, a little inattention will fall, you will be in the game constantly trying to swing the hammer, again and again, experiencing countless failures and despair, the player's endurance and patience is a great test. And the moment you successfully reach the top, you will get a great sense of accomplishment! This is the charm of the game. Getting Over It is suitable for everyone, if you want to challenge your patience, then it will be one of the good choices, to exercise your courage against failure, or test your good or bad luck, Getting Over It is the best choice.

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How to Play

The main gameplay of the game is one, in which the player will control the hammer in the hands of the protagonist, swinging it again and again. On the steep rocks, look for a point and then swing the hammer that is fastened to the rock, with the help of arm strength and the power of the hammer off the ground, the body of the protagonist will climb to another height. Similar to cross from this obstacle to that obstacle, which sounds very simple, but the actual operation is very difficult, because as we said, the protagonist in this game can not act like a normal person, his body structure is also very soft, it will cause you to operate when you feel like playing also soft, make some incorrect force judgment, this is the interesting thing about this game. Sometimes it takes players up to two or three hours of trying. Sometimes it may pass at once, but the past should not be careless, because although the protagonist did not follow the human body physics to design, but the environment gravity effect here still works, a careless will fall down from above again. But as long as you try for a long time, you will certainly find some skills from it. The good thing is that the game's protagonist will not die after falling from a high place, and will not be injured, but the player needs to start climbing from the beginning. When the player keeps falling from the puddle on the left side of the opening, the size of the character will change unexpectedly on the screen. When you have successfully climbed to the top 50 times, the protagonist's jar will turn golden and you will receive a reward prepared by the producer!



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