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    February 21, 2022

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    Magic Tavern, Inc.



Are you interested in beauty? Are you unable to show your skills in real life and do you want to show your makeup skills?Project Makeover is a free casual game developed by Bubblegum Games with the theme of beauty. Players will play a make-up artist in the game to help the character to makeover. Players can help the character to accomplish their dreams with the help of various decorations, such as, home, clothing, etc. In addition to the beauty makeover of the character, the house in the game can also be transformed, including its furniture, etc., can become the goal of the player transformation. The gameplay is mainly based on the classic triple elimination. Players will get some decorations, cosmetics, furniture, etc. in the form of passages, and players can provide makeovers for their characters to help them pick up their confidence, realize their dreams, and make their characters stand out in the crowd.
Game features.
① The application is free, and casual and simple to learn, as long as you are interested in the theme of casual players can play, and does not require any skills
② The content of the game is relatively comprehensive and highly playable
③ Players in the game can play at will, to create a variety of fashion types of characters, to become a professional fashion protagonist.
The graphics of Project Makeover are beautifully designed with European and American style and fashion sense, which are reflected in this game. The game adds character transformation, in addition to transforming the character can also transform the layout and decoration of the interior, enhancing the playability and entertainment of the game. Exquisite and delicate game graphics, simple and interesting game play, mysterious transformation goals, sure not to try? Looking forward to your work! If you are very much looking forward to remodeling your life and realizing your dreams, then please don't miss Project Makeover.

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How to Play

Project Makeover, as the name suggests, is the theme of vegetarian transformation, the gameplay is the familiar catchphrase: three elimination + decoration + dress up, the theme is a major highlight, the game play is also very simple, players in the game will participate in a variety show, to provide the role of washing, cutting and image design services, by the way, and then help the character room decoration, you will be the best image designer. In the rules of the game, players need to eliminate three patterns of the same color and the same shape together, when the player will be set in the game to eliminate the number of patterns to complete the level, if the player in a level has been unable to pass, you can use the game provides candy bombs, or small rockets, these props can help players eliminate the entire column or row of patterns at once, can improve the player These props can help players to eliminate whole columns or rows of patterns at once, which can improve the efficiency of the player. Some levels also have specific rules, such as the need to eliminate a certain area of the pattern, so that the special items covered under the block to show, and these props are also related to the subsequent dress up. After passing each level, a fashion silhouette will be unlocked, so that in addition to earning gold, elimination can also bring some creative inspiration to the player.
As long as players continue to pass more elimination levels, you can get more props, such as: fashionable clothing, a variety of cosmetics, and some gorgeous furniture, etc. Players can use these props to transform different characters and design a style for each one of them, sweet, elegant, cool, etc. There are many styles waiting for you to achieve.
In addition, players can also help each character to transform their homes, first of all, they can clean their unkempt rooms, and for them to replace the new furniture and decorative items, until you are satisfied!



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