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    12 January 2021

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Star Dew Grain is a casual game developed by ConcernedApe and released in 2016. After suffering from all the pressure of the big city, the main character of the game resolutely returns to the countryside. In this place called Stardew Grain, there is a farm left by his grandfather, but this farm has long been abandoned, so the game begins ...... In this town far from the city, the protagonist begins a new life. Planting on the overgrown land, keeping poultry in captivity next to the house and turning this abandoned meadow into a rich farm. It's a huge goal, but not necessarily unattainable. You can work hard here and take care of your farm like a farmer. Or, you can build your own home, fish from the river, and enjoy a life of paradise. Here you will meet all kinds of inhabitants and live happily with them on the land. This is a free-to-play game in which you can choose the life you want. The graphics of Stardew Cereals are different from traditional management games, but the graphics are also special: Stardew Cereals has a very retro look, but with lots of details. For example, the rise and fall of weeds as you walk through them, and the fish that appear in the background. There's more to Stardew Cereal than just a farm game! The undulation of the weeds as you walk through them, and the fish that appear in the background. Stardew Cereal is more than just a farm game, it's so much more! The ups and downs as you walk through the weeds, and the fish that appear in the background. Stardew Valley is more than just a farm game, it's so much more! Stardew Valley is a game for everyone, with free and fun gameplay that will give players a different kind of gaming experience for once, and you can play it on Microsoft Windows, OSX, Linux, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch, Android, IOS platforms with it!

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How to Play

Stardew Valley is a management game in which the player takes on the role of a farmer. When first entering the game, players can create their own character and customize their character's gender and appearance.
The abandoned farm is full of weeds and trees, which the player must clear at the beginning or they will not be able to plant and farm later. There are several different farm maps in the game, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose your farm map and start clearing it in preparation for the next planting step. Your character has stamina and health settings. Resting at home will restore your stamina, while going out will drain it and when the player runs out of stamina, he will not be able to perform any activity. Again, health plays an important role in the game. If you lose too much health, you will lose most of your energy and a random amount of money and items. There are four months in the game, each representing spring, summer, fall and winter in the real world. Planting is the same as in real life, which crops are fixed in which month. Similarly, players can create greenhouses in the game and grow crops for other months in them. In addition to characters other than the player, there are other inhabitants of the game with whom they can interact. In addition to farming, players can also engage in activities such as fishing, mining and monster hunting in the game, performing various tasks that help you earn more money. When players have enough money, they can upgrade their farms, expand their cultivation area, and revamp the layout of their farms. Stardew Valley is a very free game in which players will experience the joy of being a farmer!



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