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When it comes to the sport of golf, I believe that many of you have not personally experienced, but in the film and television programs, the sport is often used as a high-end social venues, and really intriguing, in the sports crowd, golf is a very popular sport, but if it rains or hot weather on sports days, we can not continue to play fierce competition in the outdoors, then this time how to do it, of course, is to find A related game, sitting at home beautiful to a virtual golf game, so today we recommend this player scored a high score of 8.3 golf simulation game, see how this game allows players to score so high.

Golf Clash is a simulation game developed by Handy Games for every player, Golf Clash's love for game development and the desire to provide a virtual mobile golf course for this game. In this game you can operate the game with players from abroad and play tricks with them. In a virtual environment potter and cultivate, sci-fi this stylish and elegant sentiment in the sport, cultivation. Golf Clash has game play, you can participate in each PK tournament, or you can play with friends in real time once, or even with you once. One of the great benefits of Golf Clash is the simplicity of the game. In TV games, golfers are always carrying a bag of clubs, while in the game, players only need to drag a single finger to hit the ball, so there is no need to think about club selection, which certainly reduces the difficulty of getting started. No matter what mode you're in, you'll be showing off your skills. As you progress through the tournament, your game improves. The more medals you earn, the more clubs you will find in the game. Waiting for you to discover!

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How to Play

Golf Clash is a game that is very easy to control, but will test the player's skills as you must hit the ball at the right time. A target appears on the screen and the pins move back and forth over that target. You need to hit the ball before the bottle reaches the center of the target or you will lose the game. In addition, the system will plan the basic stroke path for you and anticipate the rolling path, lowering the threshold for beginners.

The large number of playing maps is the biggest advantage of "Duel Golf", after all, it is difficult to experience different courses in different regions in reality. You can experience the exclusive courses such as Beach, Asia Pacific and Global in the game. These courses vary in size and terrain, and each one offers a different kind of golfing pleasure. Imagine yourself in the reality of these real-life scenarios playing to your strengths, swinging the club and scoring great scores!

The system will set a target for the player, but this does not mean that this target is the best position at the moment, the player needs to find the right position for each of you in the game, this will take you more time but the accuracy will be better and you will have a better chance to beat your opponent in the game. When your ball is close to the hole, don't push hard, gently push the ball to get it into the hole, just like we see in real life. Be careful with your putts, the occasional runaway is an inevitable mistake, so players need to be careful. There are many different clubs in the game and each club has different attributes. Upgrade your club when you have enough money, but don't spend all your money on it.



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