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    Android IOS

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    June 25, 2018

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    Warner Bros. International Enterprises



Scribblenauts Remix is a casual puzzle game, developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

Scribblenauts Remix is one of the most unique games in the world. Scribblenauts Remix is such a unique game, the game's graphics are based on a cute graffiti style, the game's background uses bright colors, let people bright, a variety of things put together will give players a fantastic fairy tale world. Let people seem to be in the fantasy of the wonderful world.
Of course, in addition to the attractive graphics, Scribblenauts Remix has this more innovative feature, the player is mainly to enter the most appropriate correct words to create a variety of items, if your English is not very good, it does not matter, you can look up the correct words on the Internet and write down, it is equivalent to the game in a relaxed and happy can also help players learn some English knowledge. In short, "Scribblenauts Remix" is a very creative casual puzzle game, in the game can not only test the player's imagination, but also test the player's English level, players who like casual puzzle must not miss this game, in the game at the same time can also learn knowledge! No longer have to worry about my mother said I achievement know play games and not study!

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How to Play

The game play is also relatively simple, although it is some test of the player's English level, but will not be particularly difficult, of course, beginners do not have to worry, when you first enter the game the game will give you a teaching level, the player just need to follow the tips step by step to complete. Follow the new tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game's interface, operation, specific gameplay and so on, to prepare for the next official start of the game.

After the official start of the game, players need to click on the picture book in the upper right corner of the game, enter the items you want, but you must use the English expression of the items, and to correctly enter to make the items appear, do not worry that the game does not recognize the words you enter, because the game can recognize more than 20,000 nouns and more than 10,000 adjectives, so by entering adjectives can make the items more characteristic. When players get an item, they can also interact with it and give it life, which not only increases the playability of the game, but also makes it more vivid. Although the game allows players to use their imagination, but also can not make up an item at will out, for example: the first level will let players get the stars on the tree, then players need to get a tool, such as a saw, or axe, etc., and then enter the corresponding words to get, there are many levels in the game, each level of play is different, maybe this level you feel light and easy no problem, the next level will be So don't take it lightly, only look and learn well in order to successfully pass the level.



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