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    Android IOS

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    March 2, 2022

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    NaturalMotion Games Limited



Clumsy Ninja is an action-adventure video game developed and published by NaturalMotion and available for download on iOS and Android.

Clumsy Ninja is an action game, this game is based on the theme of ninja, what is the image of a ninja in the past, carrying out dangerous tasks, hiding in the dark, very agile and intelligent, these are the appearance of a good ninja, but in Clumsy Ninja, our ninja is not such a dominant look, our Our little ninja looks like he has just grown up, a cute look, and even a bit unlucky, all you have to do is to train this dumb-looking ninja in this game, so that he can save his companions. Train the little ninja and improve his ninja skills. Travel around the country and complete missions, which will unlock new items that can be used to further train the ninja, as well as unlock more details of the storyline.

You can enhance the game format by interacting in Clumsy Ninja, which is a very fun simulation game similar to Tomcat, but much richer in content and also feels very fun to play. The interaction design of the game is excellent, in the face of the silly little ninja, you just need to reach out and touch him, he will sense and react. This is a fun game that combines a video game and a virtual pet into one with beautiful graphics. The design of the ninja looks interesting with the way he moves. You can consciously try to get the ninja to make strange movements, and no matter how much you bully him, he will always look dumb, and if you ignore him for a long time, he will punch himself or even run up to the screen and tap his finger to get your attention.

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How to Play

Clumsy is the ninja you need to train in the game. He wears an old uniform that looks ninja, has big green eyes and is as tall as the other ninjas. You can change the color of his suit, headband and belt. But certain conditions are needed, such as buying with tokens or character upgrades. Because he looks really clumsy and bad luck, it is necessary for you to train him in your way to make him stronger, as to why the purpose of doing so, it is because his best friend was captured by the game's villain, in order to save his best friend, Clumsy must become powerful, he can not participate in the battle alone now, so it is necessary for you to push him to the path of victory.

In the game, players can train the ninja through those activities in the game, such as: play hide-and-seek, play trampoline, training with sandbags and many other activities to gain experience, as the ninja skills to improve at the same time to enhance the strength of Clumsy itself, through unremitting efforts, one day can not be clumsy.

The game allows players to interact with the little ninja on the screen through a variety of touch controls, can play and train, and even use it as a "sandbag", pull the ninja's hand, pull up and down, hold the leg, and then pull it to the sky, he will hang upside down. Tickle his stomach, make him laugh, etc. The game also gives players plenty of props to help them fix the little ninja, or train your ninja to learn new tricks and super special ninja moves! You need to follow the set tasks given in the game and complete the game step by step to get started easily. With continuous training, the skills of the little ninja will also be improved, the game can be trained out of the ninja master, so that the player is still quite a sense of achievement!



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