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    February 18, 2022

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Want to play an exciting and challenging parkour game? Don't slide away because you've come across the game you want. Subway Surfers is a game developed and published by Kiloo Games, the game was released in October 2012 and has been enjoyed by many people, it is an exciting and adventurous subway parkour game, if you also like to play parkour games, then you can't miss it! The background of the game is on the subway tracks, in the game players will play our hero Jack, players have to help Jack and naughty partners to avoid the conductor's pursuit, and the coming and going of the subway and the obstacles on the road is to increase the challenge of the game. The game operation is also very simple, easy to learn, is a good helper to pass the time. The game uses a 3D third-person perspective, making it easier for players to get a sense of excitement in the game. The game requires players to collect dropped gold coins in the game and then upgrade the props. The important thing to do is to make sure not to trip and catch by obstacles and conductors during the run, otherwise the game will end and start again.
Game features.
① Players can unlock multiple game characters in the game. Participate in parkour with them!
② Colorful game world, vivid and detailed game graphics.
③ The game also provides many props for players to help them pass the game
④ The game has fewer ads and is free to play!
There are countless gold coins waiting for players to collect on these subway tracks, do you have enough certainty to and guts to get them? As long as you are fast enough, I believe you will get them quickly and have unlimited fun.
If you want your name to appear on the high score list, then come inside the game to create new achievements! A challenge is waiting for you in the game.

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How to Play

Subway Surfers game play is also very simple, the game players need to have been running in the subway, to avoid the conductor's pursuit, but also be careful of the obstacles on the ground railroads at any time, the game is simple but any small mistakes will lead to the failure of the game, start again, the game also test the reaction speed of the game, and sensitivity. For example: when the player in the process of running, you will encounter many oncoming subway, this time you need to make a quick reflection to successfully dodge these subway or obstacles, if you are on the leftmost runway, this time your front suddenly came a subway, the player needs to control the role and slide to the right to successfully dodge it, on the contrary, if you are on the right runway, the front suddenly An obstacle or subway appears in front of you, then the player needs to control the character to move to the left. If you encounter a relatively high obstacle, the player can control the character to slide upward and cross the obstacle by jumping. Of course, some obstacles can also be crossed by sliding down the way, depending on the actual situation. Players will also get some random props in the game. For example: there is a magnet role is to absorb the gold on the road, get gold can unlock new characters, buy and upgrade props. Flying backpack, pick up this prop, the player will fly in the air, will not encounter any obstacles, the player will be much easier. Sneakers this prop, this prop for newcomers have advantages and disadvantages, increase the character's bouncing power, jump higher and farther, but the jump down position is difficult to master well, it is easy to lead to the end of the game failure. After the game starts, by sliding the finger left and right, or slide up is jumping, slide down is rolling these steps combined to avoid obstacles on the road, so that players run smoothly will not be caught by the train administrator. Come and join in!



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