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    February 24, 2022

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Discover the enigmatic treasure at the bottom of the tower in the ancient ruins full of jewels, and work your magic with the mysterious witch to break the millennium's dilemma! It's a gorgeous free game that you won't want to miss if you like this genre of games. Click on 3 or more colored gems to match them with each other to eliminate them, generate magical powers to unlock amulets, and recover trapped treasure chests! If you like to relax in your free time, have fun and want to take on some fun levels, then this exciting gem matching game will give you something to play for a long time without having to worry about getting bored anymore. Dive into the addictive world of The Lost Jewels, which is full of obstacles and challenges that you must overcome to find the lost jewels. Joined and guided by a divine oracle, the challenges of this triple-play app will take you on an addictive and mythical journey. This is a very clever casual game with super simple graphics that is easy to pick up! Here you will experience the most fun puzzle game with magic blocks of all shapes and sizes waiting for you! This is also a challenging and exciting puzzle game! A variety of different styles of cartoon patterns, full of interesting challenges. Happy elimination time can get brand new gems, constantly complete the accumulation of points, four or more gems of the same color elimination will have magical effects, interested partners hurry to download!

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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle is a casual game of elimination that is easy to play and can be played in a short time. A colorful gem elimination game with many levels to challenge you, swipe or click to eliminate more gems. Novel elimination techniques are waiting for you to master, and you can get new gems in different levels, match them in different ways to have more elimination fun, help you accumulate points and find hidden artifacts in the "Land of Jewels". The ancient treasures are all yours. The legendary jewel hunter has hidden all the ancient treasures in the "Land of Jewels", match the jewels and collect all the treasures, slide your finger to make three or more gems of the same color connect horizontally and vertically to eliminate, complete the specified elimination target within a limited number of steps to pass the level, by eliminating 4 or more gems of the same color to get powerful special effects, the picture is gorgeous, the effect is Gorgeous, when we eliminate the gems, we can clearly see the very cool lighting effect and eliminate more gems of the same color. It's really a perfect game, the way of elimination is still very special, you can use different ways to eliminate, kind of diverse obstacles, more than 1000 carefully designed, no limit of life force and so on. The game's graphics are exquisite, fun and easy to play. Completing the level challenges and being able to get the appropriate rewards makes players more motivated to challenge the levels. Each level has different tasks, you only need to follow the instructions need to complete a task on it, interested in this way of playing partners do not miss, hurry to download the game to try it!



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