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    March 3, 2022

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    Melsoft Games Ltd



Have you ever thought that one day you are unfortunately stranded on a deserted island with little modern civilization on it, how will you survive on it? Try this deserted island simulation survival game to develop your wits and challenge your survival skills!

Family Island is a free casual simulation game developed by Melsoft Games Ltd. In this game, you were an ordinary worker like everyone else, but because of an unfortunate or lucky chance, you were stranded on this island, unfortunate because you lost contact with modern civilization, lucky because you survived the disaster! Here, you will also meet Bruce and Eve family who have been living on the island in prehistoric life, and you will follow the farmers back to the original era, are you ready for a tense and exciting adventure?

The game graphics are very warm and lovely, players will help this family separated from the tribe to re-establish a prosperous home, so that the whole island is full of life. This may not sound particularly easy, but don't worry, the game won't put too much pressure on the player, you won't encounter any danger or fight any monsters ...... It will bring you a whole new game experience. A casual, free game experience! There are a lot of abandoned land on the island, players need to weed them, buy seeds to sow, and after a good harvest will get some profit so that they can help create houses according to the islanders' requirements. It is believed that players will get experience in a relaxed game environment, so as to exercise better survival skills.

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How to Play

The gameplay is very simple, players only need to constantly collect a variety of useful materials to re-build the island, which is equivalent to a survival game, the first thing you need to solve is the problem of food, after all, do not eat full which has the strength to work, players need to plant some food, so as to collect the corresponding fruit and fruit, you can also get some stones by chiseling, pulling weeds to get weeds, chopping down shrubs to get branches, cut down large trees to get wood. In short, everything needs to be done by the players themselves, so that you can get the appropriate supplies after you have paid for the appropriate action. Players need to gently click on the grass several times to collect a grass, if you want to get some flowers, then you can also click on the flowers more times, in the game, players work will consume the corresponding energy, and get gifts and food can get the corresponding energy. For example, collecting jams can get the corresponding energy. Jam can only grow once, so players can cut down bushes to get some wood. Then the player can collect some fruits according to the game tips, so the player can get some energy, if the player collects enough grass and wood, then the player can upgrade the island house first. Each upgrade will consume the corresponding energy value. But the bigger the upgraded house, the more energy the family will have. Players can also get more energy by cooking food. But you first have to get some logs to make fire, after the fire to cook, then you need to have the raw materials to make food, so do not be lazy in the early planting oh, lest there is nothing to eat at the end.



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