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If you are now looking for an addictive fast-paced run and jump game that has running as the main gameplay and can be operated by players with one hand, then "Sonic Rush - Endless Run" is made for you, join the game and run together. Sonic Dash - Endless Run" is a free action parkour game developed by Sega, players can enjoy the fun of parkour in the game, but also pick their favorite cartoon characters together to challenge different obstacles. The classic parkour way will give players a different game experience, through parkour can unlock more game characters and levels, which also increases the fun and playability of the game. I believe that players can enjoy more fun in "Sonic Rush - Endless Runner".

The game graphics are very cartoon fresh, the game consists of Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sonic characters, players can jump, run, sprint at will in this 3D game environment, the game also provides players with several levels, each level of difficulty are different, worth trying. In the game, complete a variety of difficult movements, show your excellent parkour skills.

Sonic Dash - Endless Running can be opened anytime and anywhere as it does not require an internet connection and players can always go beyond their limits and see what your highest score is. The game also has many levels of obstacles designed for players to increase the difficulty of the game, which requires quick reactions from players. Face the challenge and move forward. Are you ready for the challenge?

Enter "Sonic Dash - Endless Running" and run endlessly with Sonic! This will be fun for players of all ages!

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How to Play

Players will play as an endless runner by choosing game characters such as. Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sonic characters, you will control the character of your choice. As long as there are no obstacles, your character will keep running forward, in the process of sprinting do not forget to collect rings and dodge some obstacles and enemies. Players only need to click and slide plus can complete the corresponding operation, control the character to move left and right or up and down jump and slide, the pursuit of speed at the same time, the game's sense of operation also has a great improvement. Parkour game mainly test the player's reflexes, the game process to maintain a high degree of concentration throughout, timely response, the longer you run, the corresponding score will be very high.

After the game starts, you need to put your eyes to the top of the screen, that is, the most front of the runway, because you need to pay attention to the obstacles that appear further away, which is also the key to your survival in the game.

Collecting more rings, although not related to the player's score, can help players get upgrades quickly. Rings can be collected in addition to the game parkour process, but also can be purchased using micro transactions, the game's red star rings and rings can be used in addition to upgrading skills can also be used to buy energy, unlock new game characters and so on. If the player has accumulated a certain number of rings then must pay attention, no matter how much you collect or less, once you encounter obstacles or enemies, all your rings will disappear, all the efforts will be in vain, so when you have enough rings to choose all the rings marked springboard jump down it!



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