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Plague Inc. is a new simulation game that combines a high degree of strategy with a high degree of realism. In the game, you release specific pathogens to infect "Patient Zero", thus constantly changing their infectivity and resistance to human countermeasures, thus ending human history and destroying the world. 10 different types of diseases, controlling each pathogen; from bacteria to biological weapons, from mind control to zombies, thus ending humanity by any means necessary. 20 plots to adapt your strategy; new plots will bring further challenges to your epidemic; how will you control the direction of new strains of bacteria? And how will you infect more people? Dazzling graphics, full-screen disease profiles bring you closer to your plague than ever before, city shots show details of humans struggling in the streets, and scanners can mark the full mutation effect organ by organ. Build labs and develop your own custom storylines. Create new plague types, worlds and in-game events. There is never a shortage of new things to infect!
The new mode will see you working as a medical doctor developing an antidote for the survival of humanity. When faced with the various diseases sweeping through the world, you must take measures to prevent the near spread of the virus. However, the people are in an environment of extreme panic and have developed a rebellious mentality; they no longer want to trust the government. At such a crisis point, what choice will you make?
Whether it's to destroy the world or save all of humanity, it's a huge adventure that will test your decision making and action, and when you've made your choice, it's time to get going!
Plague Inc. is a very challenging game, the 3D game graphics will bring players a realistic gaming experience.

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How to Play

The game has two modes to choose from, one in which the player has to spread the disease to destroy the entire human race, and the other in which the player has to develop a cure to save the entire human race. There are difficulty levels to choose from in both modes, and new players can choose the easiest one to start the game.
In the former, the characteristics of a disease are controlled by its onset symptoms, and while the diseases at our disposal are numerous and vicious, again, humanity is no longer living in the dark ages of the Middle Ages. Advanced medical research has enabled mankind to understand most diseases; progressively more widespread medical facilities have enabled mankind to cure diseases effectively; and centralized, relatively efficient governments have been able to control population movements and inhibit the spread of viruses. Thus, Plague Inc. also requires your mind. Choose your country carefully, as this will determine the course of the disease strain: the level of climate, population and economic development varies greatly from region to region. In hot regions, you should improve the heat resistance of the disease; in humid regions, you should develop the moisture-loving nature of the disease; in rich regions, you should take into account the resistance of the disease. At the same time, if the area is too remote, the disease will not spread easily; if the population is too small, valuable time will be wasted in the initial stages. Neglecting any point can be a big mistake. If we can't kill humans, we can't win the ultimate victory. But if we kill humans too quickly, we will undoubtedly raise their alertness. Therefore, how to balance the infectiousness, severity and lethality of disease strains is certainly an important topic.
In the latter antidote storm mode, the player will play as a medical doctor who develops the antidote. At this point you will be faced with 3 puzzles: prestige value, rebelliousness, and pathogens. Each puzzle will be the key to the game, and only by dealing with them properly will you be able to succeed in the game.



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