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    Android IOS

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    March 9, 2022

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    Imangi Studios



It's a parkour game that everyone will love, and an exciting adventure awaits you in this challenging game! I believe Temple Run is in the top of the parkour games. Temple Run 2 is an action-adventure game developed by Imangi Studios and released in January 2013. As the sequel of "Temple Run", "Temple Run 2" changes in gameplay and graphics, adding some new elements to enrich the gameplay, new props, new characters, so that the run never stops. The graphics and sound effects have been upgraded in all aspects. Make "Temple Run 2" more playable. Join the game! Keep challenging yourself, new records are set by you.

As in the previous game, players will control the main character in the game in the challenging levels, avoiding all obstacles and dodging the monsters chasing behind them. Seemingly simple game objectives, but still very difficult, very test the player's operating skills, flexibility, in the dangerous cliffs, high zip line, mines and forests, each different scenes to run. Any small mistake will lead to the failure of the game. Do you have the confidence to help the protagonist avoid all the dangers? There is no end to the game, keep going forward.

Temple Run 2 has 10 characters for players to choose from, each with different attributes and a more interesting gameplay. You can choose your favorite character to show your unique style taste. 3D effect third person view. Bring you a new escape experience.

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How to Play

Compared with its predecessor, the game operation of "Temple Run 2" has not changed significantly, still controlling the character by sliding up to jump, sliding down to slide down, sliding left to control the character to move left, sliding right to control the character to move right. Tilt the device left and right to control the character's body swing left and right, but unlike its predecessor, the character in "Temple Run 2" moves faster, requiring players to react more quickly. And in the level from the original straight line into a curved route, increasing the difficulty of the game. The three "demon monkeys" that chased the player in the previous game have now been replaced with a much tougher and larger monster, which is visually more terrifying.

Temple Run 2" compared to its predecessor, the game style is more refined, the picture is more clear, adding a number of new ways to play such as steel rope, mine car, cliff, traps. Also added new characters, each character has special skills. Background music in different scenes show more realistic, players will always keep tension in the process of the game. Dazzling new scenes, gorgeous new experience. The game has more freshness! Full of infinite charm. Control the screen in the game to turn, jump, slide to avoid obstacles, collect gold coins, and see how far you can run in the game?

Players in the game in addition to control the character to avoid obstacles to collect as many gold coins and gems, the track has no end, the longer you run forward, the higher the score players get. The gold coins and gems obtained can be used to buy props in the game, which can help players to pass the level. In addition, the game also provides 10 characters, some of which need to be unlocked to obtain. Complete some missions to unlock new achievements.



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