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Match the delicious candies and make them explode in your hands! Candy Crush Saga is a fun triple-play game developed by King Digital and released on April 23, 2012, gaining millions of players with its fun swapping gameplay! Players simply need to match identical candies in Candy Crush Saga to complete the game! This seemingly simple goal will test every player's patience, as there are many challenging levels in Candy Crush Saga! Each level is set with different tasks to complete in order to pass the game! Use your quick mind to match the colorful candies, and after completing each level, you will be rewarded with sweet rewards In Candy Crush Saga, abundant levels and challenging tasks await you. Don't worry if you get stuck, use props to remove obstacles from the game and help you achieve victory faster! Candy Crush Saga adds new levels and challenging tasks every two weeks to give you more fun!
Game features.
① The game is very inclusive and suitable for all people to play
② Players don't need to pay any money to experience the fun of elimination games
③ There are so many levels and puzzles that players can play continuously
④ More levels are added every 2 weeks
⑤ The graphics are colorful and easy to use
Cons of the game.
Contains ads
The game offers in-app purchases
In Candy Crush Saga, you can relax and exchange candies as the game gives you a different kind of triple fun. And there are no hit-and-run scenes in the game, it's all about cute and lovable candies! Now, join this sweet adventure and invite your friends to have fun with Candy Crush! See who has the highest score! I'm sure you will love it so much.

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How to Play

The gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is very classic, it will be like most elimination games where players match three or more candy elements by swapping the positions of adjacent candies. Seemingly simple but still challenging, Candy Crush Saga differs from other elimination games in that it has a wide range of candy elements and thousands of levels in the game, even updated with new levels every two weeks. Different candy elements appear in each level. And each level has different game objectives and tasks, such as: eliminate 20 A candies, 15 B candies, 10 obstacles and so on. Players can only pass the level by completing all the tasks. The levels become progressively more difficult and challenging, with many obstacles that have not been seen before. At the beginning of the game, you will be given 5 grams of hearts, which means you will have 5 chances. If you fail in the level, one heart will be deducted and you will have 30 minutes to get one back. Of course, you can send a request to your friends for them to help you recover hearts.
Although the rules of the game are simple, players only need to swap their positions by sliding the candies on the screen and moving them up, down, left and right, the most basic rule of elimination is that you must connect three elements of the same type into a direct line, regardless of whether they are in a horizontal or vertical row. In addition to that, players need to connect enough candies with the same elements together, because they will help you to produce a special candy. For example: the player connects four candies together to create a striped candy. Sliding different special candies they will help you open different special effects, for example: striped candies can help players eliminate whole rows or columns of candies, speeding up the progress of the game, so players need to collect as many special candies as possible



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