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    December 15, 2021

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True Skate is a popular skateboarding simulation game developed by True Axis. It offers a realistic and immersive skateboarding experience right on your mobile device. With its intuitive controls, authentic physics, and attention to detail, True Skate has gained a significant following among skateboarding enthusiasts and mobile gamers alike. Let's explore the introduction of True Skate and uncover the reasons behind its popularity.
True Skate aims to replicate the thrill and excitement of real skateboarding in a virtual environment. The game features a variety of realistic skate parks, including ramps, rails, and obstacles, where players can perform tricks, grinds, and flips. The controls are designed to mimic the movements and gestures of a skateboard, providing a unique and immersive gameplay experience.
One of the most attractive aspects of True Skate is its intuitive control system. Players navigate the skateboard by using their fingers to perform various gestures on the screen. By placing their fingers on the skateboard and swiping, players can push off the ground to gain speed, steer by tilting their device, and execute tricks and flips by flicking or sliding their fingers in different directions. The controls are responsive and provide a satisfying sense of control over the skateboard, adding to the authenticity and immersion of the gameplay.
True Skate offers a selection of skate parks that are meticulously designed and based on real-world locations. Each skate park features unique obstacles, ramps, and rails that allow players to showcase their skills and creativity. From street plazas to skate bowls and halfpipes, the variety of skate parks provides a diverse and challenging gameplay experience. The attention to detail in the park designs and the realistic physics engine contribute to the game's authenticity and appeal.
The game features a comprehensive trick system that allows players to perform a wide range of skateboard tricks. Players can execute ollies, kickflips, heelflips, grinds, manuals, and many more tricks by using different combinations of finger movements and gestures. Mastering the trick system requires precision, timing, and practice, adding a layer of skill-based gameplay that appeals to skateboarding enthusiasts.
True Skate offers various game modes to keep players engaged and challenged. The primary mode is the "Free Skate," where players can explore the skate parks at their leisure, practice tricks, and discover hidden areas or lines. The "Challenge" mode presents players with specific objectives or tasks to complete within a given time limit, such as collecting items or achieving high scores. The game also features a global leaderboard, allowing players to compete with others and compare their scores and achievements.
The game's visual presentation is another notable aspect of its appeal. True Skate boasts high-quality graphics, realistic animations, and detailed skate park environments. The attention to detail in the skateboard models, the movement of the wheels, and the physics-based interactions with the environment all contribute to a visually impressive and immersive experience.
The popularity of True Skate can be attributed to several factors:
Realism and Authenticity: True Skate strives to provide an authentic skateboarding experience, capturing the essence of the sport. The realistic physics, intuitive controls, and accurate portrayal of skate parks and tricks contribute to its appeal among skateboarding enthusiasts.
Skill-Based Gameplay: The game offers a challenging and skill-based gameplay experience. Mastering the trick system, executing complex combos, and achieving high scores require practice, precision, and a deep understanding of skateboarding mechanics.
Creative Expression: True Skate allows players to express their creativity and style through the execution of tricks and the exploration of skate parks. The freedom to experiment with different lines, tricks, and combinations adds depth and personalization to the gameplay.
Competitive Element: The inclusion of global leaderboards and challenge modes encourages competition and provides a sense of achievement. Players can strive to top the leaderboards, beat their own high scores,

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How to Play

True Skate offers a detailed and immersive skateboarding experience that allows players to explore various skate parks, perform tricks, and master their skills. Let's delve into the detailed gameplay of True Skate.
Upon starting the game, players are introduced to the main menu, where they can access different game modes and customize their skateboard. The customization options include choosing from a variety of skateboard decks with different designs and graphics. Players can also customize the grip tape color and apply stickers to personalize their boards.
The primary game mode in True Skate is the "Free Skate" mode. In this mode, players have the freedom to explore the skate parks at their own pace. The screen is divided into two sections, with the left side representing the skateboard and the right side representing the player's fingers. By placing two fingers on the screen, players can simulate the position of their feet on the skateboard.
To start skating, players need to perform a swipe gesture on the screen as if they were pushing off the ground. This propels the skateboard forward, and players can then tilt their device to steer and control the direction. The physics-based controls give players a realistic sense of riding a skateboard, requiring them to balance and adjust their movements to maintain control.
In True Skate, executing tricks is a fundamental aspect of gameplay. To perform tricks, players need to use their fingers to swipe, flick, or slide in various directions on the screen. For example, a quick swipe upwards with one finger can execute an ollie, while a combination of swipes and flicks can perform kickflips, heelflips, or other flip tricks. Timing and coordination are crucial to successfully execute tricks and land them smoothly.
The game features a wide range of obstacles, ramps, rails, and gaps within the skate parks. Players can use these elements to perform grinds, slides, and manuals. By approaching a rail or edge, players can swipe their fingers down to initiate a grind, and by adjusting their finger positions, they can control the balance and duration of the grind. The precise controls and physics engine provide a realistic and satisfying grind experience.
True Skate also includes challenges and objectives in its "Challenge" mode. Players are given specific tasks to complete within a time limit, such as collecting scattered items or achieving high scores by performing specific tricks on designated spots. These challenges provide additional goals and offer rewards for successful completion.
Throughout the gameplay, players earn in-game currency called "TC" (True Credits) based on their performance and achievements. TC can be used to unlock new skate parks, purchase additional skateboard decks, or customize the appearance of the player's avatar.
The game offers a variety of skate parks, each with its own layout, design, and unique features. From street plazas with stairs, rails, and ledges to skate bowls with ramps and halfpipes, the skate parks in True Skate provide a diverse and challenging environment for players to explore and showcase their skills.
True Skate's realistic graphics and animations enhance the overall gameplay experience. The detailed textures, lighting effects, and smooth animations contribute to the immersion and authenticity of the virtual skateboarding world.
One of the advantages of True Skate is its intuitive and responsive controls. The touch-based controls simulate the feeling of riding a skateboard, allowing players to perform tricks and maneuvers with precision and ease. The realistic physics engine adds to the immersion, providing a satisfying sense of weight and momentum.
While True Skate offers a highly realistic skateboarding experience, it also has a steep learning curve. Mastering the controls and executing complex tricks may take time and practice. Additionally, the game's content, such as additional skate parks and customization options, may require in-game currency or real money purchases, which can be a disadvantage for some players.
Overall, True Skate provides a detailed and authentic skateboarding experience on mobile devices.



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