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    Android IOS

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    December 15, 2021

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    True Axis



Are you a sports fan? Do you often encounter no time to delay your favorite sports? Then follow me into the world of sports simulation! Here will be a game to take you into the cloud of sports, True Skate is a sports game developed by True Axis, the theme of the game is skateboarding-based handheld game, loved by many players. In this game, players can enjoy a very realistic and exciting skateboarding game, and can continue to unlock more extreme game experiences, as well as a variety of scenes set. The real touch physics effect in the game will bring you a different game experience, the closest to the reality of the skateboarding experience. Players different game challenges, but also can get more game resources. This way players can use these different resources to unlock more game scenes, increasing the playability of the game and bringing players a better gaming experience. The game also has many cool skateboards waiting for players to unlock, so that players can experience more cool action.
Game features.
① The game presents a 3D game screen for players, the game scene is very realistic
② There are many different colors of skateboards waiting for players to unlock
③ The player's challenge record can be played back
④ You can complete some difficult moves in the game to get a higher score

This game is a realistic simulation of skateboarding. If you are interested in games full of exciting adventures, or even if you are obsessed with the sport of skateboarding, then it's time to show your real skills to other players and we will look forward to your performance! If you have any better tips on skateboarding, feel free to leave them below in the comments, so that fans who are passionate about the sport can find this game together and fall in love with it!

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How to Play

The game play is very simple, and the real game play is almost no different, I believe that the players will play skateboard will quickly grasp the essence of it. The simplest and most basic way to play is that the player needs to step on one foot on the skateboard, the other foot to slide backward, of course, in the game, is to use your fingers instead of your feet, so the player only needs to click on the skateboard side of the backward slide screen. Seems very simple, but also requires some skills. If the player wants to turn in the process of skating, then this time the player can gently slide to the left or right in the middle of the skateboard, you can control its direction, as for the size of the turn depends on the player's skating amplitude, if your skating amplitude is larger, then your turn amplitude will also become larger. If your slide is smaller, then the size of your turn will also become smaller. If you want a more difficult action, players can choose to jump, the specific operation is not difficult, you just need to click on the back of the skateboard when the skateboard forward, slide backwards, landing can be in time to click on the top position of the skateboard, otherwise it will cause the flip failure. Reverse board is not the so-called let the skateboard backwards oh! Rather, let the skateboard jump up and do a rotation in the air, if you want to pass smoothly, then you can quickly slide the tail of the skateboard to the left or right in the process of moving forward.
Everything is under your control, there are different levels in the game, players can be challenged, the route of each level is different, so when you first get in touch, players need to be familiar with the map line, and subsequently encounter the need to turn or jump, players need to quickly reflect. The more difficult moves players make in the game, the higher the score will be, see how many points you can get!



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