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    February 9, 2022

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    Zakeh Ltd



Do you want to have a cute pet of your own? But in reality, you lack enough time to take care of it, even then it doesn't matter, Pou will realize your plan to have a pet in the cloud, and you don't need to spend much time, you can open Pou whenever you want to play, see your pets, feed them, play with them and so on, some behaviors that you can't achieve in reality, in Pou, you are able to achieve, Pou is Pou is a virtual mobile game developed by Zakeh Ltd with the theme of pets. Players can adopt a favorite pet in Pou and feed it through these methods, give it a bath, play with it, watch it grow up, and give them upgrades. The game has very cute graphics and of course incorporates many modern forms of content. The game play contains many classic feeding games, such as: feeding, bathing, playing, etc. It also contains a variety of clothing and other decorations that players can unlock to dress up their pets with more personality. In addition to these pu also provides players with a lot of mini-games, providing a lot of fun and playability for this game. The game's graphics are simple and cute, and players of all ages can accept them. The background color of the game is also very sharp and eye-catching, most of the colors are using the pleasant blue color, coupled with the simple game characters, presenting a lovely game visual for the players, and also making the players' mood more pleasant.
In short, this game is very inclusive, as small as three years old children can easily manage, while the game is full of color and fun! If you are lonely in your normal life, you can also adopt a pet to accompany you in Pou!

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How to Play

In this game, the gameplay is very simple and kids can control it very well. Players just need to give your pet some food, drag some food into its mouth, if you do not have enough food, then you you can choose to go to the store to buy more food for emergencies, buy food can be stored inside the refrigerator. In short, you need to take care of its life and help it grow gradually. So how to make our pets grow up smoothly? Don't worry, your pet will grow up during your feeding process, which can be seen in your game progress bar. If you want to keep track of your pet's growth, then players can open the game periodically to look at it, but not too often, for example, around two to three hours players can do a check. Pet food is required to go to the store to buy, when your pet is hungry, then you must buy some food to feed, such as: ice cream, French fries, donuts, etc. Of course, after entering the game at the beginning, the system will provide some free, once used up, you need to buy, of course, do not need to spend a lot of gold, are relatively cheap. So how do you get gold coins? In fact, the method is very simple, we will also get some corresponding gold coins in the daily upgrade, but gold coins must remember to reasonably match oh! Players don't need to buy too many things at once to pile up. Your pet's hygiene will directly affect your pet's health. If the hygiene is bad, then players need to clean it, for example, with soap, without spending more gold to buy cleaning items. Always remember to give your pet enough sleep!



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